As autumn turns to winter, we would normally begin to plan the kind of exciting activities that go hand in hand with the cold seasons. From meet ups at coffee shops for some hot choc, or taking shopping trips with friends to stock up on some cosy warm clothing and furniture. Or for those who are so bold in October, early Christmas present planning! But, as often mentioned (till the point you’re probably sick to death of hearing it!) these are hardly ‘normal’ times we live in, are they…

Fret not! We may still be due another few lockdowns and continued social distancing for the rest of this winter, whether that’s nationally or at the local level. Please don’t feel depressed about that, though. There are more than a few reasons why this winter ‘lockdown’ will not be a despair as much as that first wave was, not least of which include the fact that we have learnt so much more about how to cope with the virus that we didn’t know then. But from a medical standpoint as well as our own personal ways of coping with cabin fever, social distancing and finding new ways to be effective at work.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are still tons of activities you can indulge in, to keep your mind and your body occupied and to stay positive. All you need to carry with you, is a little bit of self-belief, confidence, and a positive mindset. And we think we’ve got some lovely Scratch Prints that can help you pick up each of those positive elements in spades. Here are some suggestions we’ve got that we’re sure you’ll love!

Sample a new drink you’ve never tasted before

Scratch Print activities - whisky samples

Visiting a distillery to try out a new beer, gin or single malt may be a bit more difficult these days due to social distancing and reduced tours. It may also be some time before you’re at a festival where you might spot something exciting at a stall. But you can definitely still sample a drink, even if you’re not there in person! Most of the distilleries on our Breweries, Gin or Scotch Whisky maps have a robust presence online, where you can pick up a bottle or two of your favourite tipple. As soon as you’ve tried them, scratch them off and move on to the next one. You could even make it a bit of a competitive game with some friends, by exchanging tasting notes on a weekend video call. On the bright side, at least you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere!

Beat your best time with a new cycling challenge

Scratch Print activities - cycling

Any kind of personal endurance where you get a bit of physical endurance can only be a positive for your mind and spirit as well. If you’re an avid cyclist, you will come to enjoy and appreciate quite country roads, as you take up any one of the 75 amazing challenges on our Scratch Off UK Cycle Climbs Print. We’ve even colour coded each climb to help you understand the level of incline, so you can adjust your expectations based on your cycling skill.

Embrace your inner rambler by ‘bagging’ a hill

Scratch Print activities - hill bagging

If you’re not a cyclist, you can still appreciate the rugged beauty and landscapes of the Lake District and Scottish Munro Hills by engaging in some hill-bagging. Our Scratch Off Wainwrights and Munro Hill Bagging maps, are a walker or rambler’s delight, that will give you a unique experience with each ascent. Any hiker will attest to the fact that there is a certain inner calm and satisfaction that you experience at the top of a summit that is almost incomparable. It’s an activity that humbles you and helps you appreciate the beauty of nature.

Our smaller scratch Prints (A3 sized) can even be personalised with a message at the bottom, so even if this doesn’t quite apply to you, you can always gift these lovely scratch prints to someone that needs a bit of a pick-me-up, to get through this winter!

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