A giant world map is a great addition to your home – but picking the right one can be a minefield!

If you thought all large world maps were the same, then think again. There are quite a few decisions to be made first.

Before you begin, you may want to consider the following:

  • Size – one person’s ‘giant’ may be another person’s ‘tiny’, so what dimensions do you want?
  • Colours – you will definitely be looking for something to match your home decor
  • Budget – it’s always tough to mark up how much you’re willing to spend, isn’t it?
  • Intended location – where is your giant wall map going to call home, in your house?
  • Quality – not all world maps are created equal. Many companies don’t keep their maps up to date, and the quality of the print and frame are crucial to the finished look, too.

When you find the ideal giant map of the world for you, you can rest assured that it will transform your living space. A giant sized map looks brilliant in a living room, study or hallway, and provides a great conversation-starting alternative to your usual artwork.

Personal biases aside, here are our top five large world maps – but there are plenty more where these came from!

Antique World Map

Antique World Map Floater Frame

Muted antique hues, classic design and artistic style combine to create an elegant masterpiece with this one. Available in luxurious canvas or as a laminated print, this is an excellent choice as there’s a finish for every budget. You could also try the best of both worlds with multiple finishes like our Antique World Map in a Floating Frame Canvas. It’s perfect for a traditional home.

Classic World Map

Large World Map - Classic Wall Map Canvas Huge

This popular giant world map is as classic as they come – but with slightly more subdued colour tones than your average classroom-style wall map, for an extra touch of beauty. The Classic World Map is available as a laminated print or stylish canvas, so you can treat yourself, whatever your budget may be.

Paint Splashes Map of the World

Large Paint Splashes of the World

If bright colours and bold statements are your thing, then our Paint Splashes Map of the World is the perfect giant world map for you. Choose your size and finish according to your space and budget, and let this arty, graffiti-style map do the talking in your home.

The World is Art Collection – giant world art maps

Huge World is Art Red Canvas image

These large world maps are great for any home, because they come in a range of colours. White sea contrasts with land in green, pink, red, grey, aqua – and many other colours – for a giant world map to suit your home whatever your décor and style. The World is Art Collection is available in loads of sizes and finishes too, so you can tailor your map to your home, budget or preference.

Old Clocks Map of the World

Old Clocks Map of the World

If colour isn’t your thing and your home is simple, minimalist and neutral, then the Old Clocks Map of the World could be a good choice for you. With a beige and black colour palette, and a quirky collage design using classic clocks and pocket watches, this giant map of the world would look fantastic in a quirky hipster pad, or a traditional vintage-style home. It’s available in a whole host of sizes and finishes to suit everybody.

These are just a few of the incredible choices we have if you’re looking to buy giant maps online. We have hundreds to choose from, so spend some time browsing to find your dream giant world map. There are hobby-themed maps, children’s maps, abstract maps and more, so we’re confident there’s something for you in our collection.

Happy giant world map hunting!