You may have already felt it in the air, but the summer certainly seems to be winding itself down. We don’t know about you, but after the almost ‘cancelled’ summer this country has had, we can’t let autumn go to waste as well. Personally, we can’t wait to welcome some crushed autumn leaves on pavements, swirling hot choc on a couch, a roaring fireplace and delightful throw blankets that positively scream ‘hygge’.  You may remember us mentioning hygge a while back, but here’s a reminder of what it means.

“A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”

Autumn leaves

Framed world maps can be an exquisite addition to your home, to spark this feeling effectively. So if you’re looking to spruce up your living room to make it more autumnal, consider some of these lovely numbers below!

Antique World Map on Canvas Floater Frame

framed world map - Antique world map canvas floater

For those peachy autumnal colours, our Antique World Map within our canvas floating frames would be perfect. The frame in question will be larger than the canvas, leaving a small gap between the canvas edge and the frame. This small gap will make it seem that the canvas floats within the frame and allow for its edges to be visible. Floating frames will add a lot of value to your walls, and can be quite a conversation starter!

Classic World Map with Teak Frame

framed world maps - Large classic in teak wood image

The aptly named Classic World Map is a fine choice for a hygge living room, with its muted yet captivating colours. A teak wood frame would go wonderfully, especially in a Scandi styled living room or with ‘shabby chic’ furniture. The map is first laminated, mounted onto Kapa mount foam centred board and then placed in a teak wood frame. So you can be sure it will be safe for years!

London City Skyline (Black Wood Frame)

framed world maps - London City Skyline

Of course you don’t always have to go for a world map. Our wood frames are versatile enough that you could also pick out an art print of a city with some vibrant shades, to really complete your living room. This iconic London City Skyline is definitely brought to life with a black wood frame, adding a very contemporary splash of colour to any wall where this artwork is placed. It’s perfect for art lovers and for anyone that feels a personal connection to the city they currently live in or grew up in. We’ve got plenty of Skylines to choose from.

Executive World Map (White Wood Frame)

Executive World Map - framed world map

Simply stunning and rather elegant with its colour tones, the Executive World Map in a white frame will spark some serious joy in a living room, study or home office setting in your home. Every inch of this map has been expertly crafted by our designers and cartographers, and the muted colours will really bring out the hill shading in specific continents like North America. It’s an ideal complement to any room decor!

Pick out more framed world maps when you visit the Maps International online map store!