Is it hard to make up your mind on what your next adventure should be? Fret not!

We get it. There’s a whole lot of world out there, and only so much time left to see it! Here at Maps International, we make it a point to help you, our lovely readers and customers get exactly what you’re looking for in a holiday. If you love travel and adventure even half as much as we do, you’ll know the joy of ticking a new location off your bucket list.

There are different kinds of adventures to be had, even in a single location. And several more ways to enjoy it! So we thought we’d give you all the options you needed to find your peak travel adventure. Take our quiz below, and make any choice you like, and we’ll tell you what sort of thrill you should be seeking! Oh, and which map you can take with you or reminisce with of course! If you don’t like it, feel free to retake it. This is, as they say, your show!