A framed world map can certainly be a chic and stylish addition to any home. But where should it go? It’s a tough decision, for sure – but there are definitely some excellent spots where it could take pride of place.

Here are our top six locations where we think a framed world map would look just perfect.

Where you dine

Antique World Map Floater Frame

Whether you eat in the kitchen or the dining room, framed maps offer a guaranteed conversation starter when eating with the family or hosting dinner parties with friends. Plus, a framed map is a work of art in its own right. Interesting and decorative, it’ll work a treat as a wonderful, eye-catching feature to enjoy over dinner each day.

Depending on your interior design style, you may like our Antique World Map with a wooden frame. The image above is how it would look within one of our stunning new Floating Framed Canvas. In other words, a spectacular canvas map bordered by sturdy black frame.

Above your desk

Executive World Map

A framed map of the world is the ideal piece of modern art for your study or your temporary work from home office space. It’s smart, on trend, and it looks absolutely great! Hang it above your desk but, be warned, it’s guaranteed to get your wanderlust going and may distract you from your work.

Alternatively, you could hang a framed world map behind your desk for the perfect, stylish backdrop for the ever-increasing Zoom meetings we’re all involved in. Check out the Executive World Map in a white frame, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Above the sofa

Scratch the world map print

Our framed world maps come in a whole host of designs, sizes, and finishes, which means there’s one that’s perfect for every living room. A lounge needs a focal point and a stand-out, statement map is a great way to create one.

A Scratch the World Map Print® with a pinboard and wood frame is exactly what you need in here, if you really want to get the conversation going.

Inside a bathroom or toilet

Yes, this is definitely an unconventional choice! But a perfectly situated world map, framed elegantly, will add a point of interest to even the most boring of rooms. Who wouldn’t want to while away an evening in a relaxing bubble bath, dreaming of foreign adventures, inspired by a framed world map hung artistically on the wall?

We would highly recommend a map from our  ‘World Is Art’ range, in a colour of your choice, to bring your bathroom to life.

In a hallway

Make a statement with your home décor in key areas, by putting a framed map of the world in your hallway. From the minute your guests enter your home they’ll be ‘wowed’ by your stylish interior design choices.

Go bold with a Paint Splashes Map of the World in a pinboard and wood frame, or make a ‘less is more’ statement with a Classic World Map in a white wooden frame.

A child’s bedroom

Scratch the World Kids Adventure image

What better way than to nurture and encourage an inquisitive little mind than with a beautiful framed world map on the wall of your child’s bedroom? We have plenty of quirky and fun options that your little one will love.

Try the Scratch the World® Kids Adventure Edition or a Cartoon World Map in a black wooden frame.


View the full range of framed world maps here and choose the perfect one for your home!