If you’re thinking about brightening a room in your home with a canvas world map, be assured that you’ve definitely made the right decision!

World Map Canvas art lends a level of authenticity, class and elegance to your wall, unlike any other finish. As a surface, it doesn’t reflect light the same way a laminated or glossy paper might, canvas is incredibly easy to hang on a wall or place on a mantlepiece, and you’re sure to get some positive comments from visitors who do notice them.

We thought we’d help you select the right map for you, by letting you know how versatile canvas can be as a finish by itself, and also when combined with other more conventional finishes. All three of the variations below are available as options to buy canvas maps from our website!

Wrapped Canvas World Map

Political World Map on Canvas

Probably the most common form of canvas world map you may see on our site is what you see above, wrapped around a quality wooden frame and stretched to perfection. Every canvas is supplied with corner wedges for the re-tensioning of your canvas. If you’re purchasing a large world map canvas (UK A1 and above), a wrapped canvas is ideal for you, as you will be able to appreciate the attention to detail, and it will make a stunning addition to your wall!

Rolled Canvas World Map on Hanging Bars

A rolled canvas world map, without a frame is also another option to go. We’ve got several world maps available that can be easily rolled into a sturdy tube and sent out to you, if you’d like to hang them by themselves or if you felt inclined to do something creative with them. Another interesting finish though would be to combine them with hanging bars made of either wood or plastic (PVC) They will look simply stunning, especially if you’re looking to create a focal point in any part of your home, especially the wooden ones.

Our handmade wooden hanging system is crafted from four strips of moulded wood in American walnut colour. The top and bottom of your map of the world canvas is pressed between the two wooden bars which are then screwed together. When you receive it, you’ll also get two sawtooth hangers to allow you to fix the print to the wall with ease.

Map Canvas fixed inside Wooden Frames

With this finish, your map canvas is loaded into the front of a sturdy wooden frame so that the entire canvas is displayed. These floating frames will be larger than the canvas so that there is a small gap between the canvas edge and the frame. This small gap will make it seem that the canvas floats within the frame and allow for its edges to be visible. Our reference maps such as the Classic World Map or Antique World Map with special fonts would especially look amazing in this particular canvas map finish!

Regardless of your room style or specific decor, we’re sure there’s a world map canvas option for you!

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