Affiliate with Us and Earn Commission

Maps International, the fastest growing online map shop, is offering you chance to share in its success. 

If you are an organisation with a website visited by those with an interest in travel or maps, why not join one of the biggest online map sites as an affiliate.

If you wish to create an affiliate programme, you need to join Affiliate Future - it's free to join and you can start earning commission today!

The Maps International Program compensates partner sites for generating sales. As an affiliate, you will redirect visitors to and in return you receive a percentage of the revenue generated from those visitors.

Why join Maps International's affiliate scheme...?

  • We handle all the orders, deliveries and payments so you can relax whilst your website makes money
  • We're the fastest growing map shop on the web
  • We have a range of products to suit every person from customised mapping to travel maps
  • We deliver to many countries Worldwide so you can be sure that anyone linking through will be able to purchase our products
  • Earn additional revenue (minimum 2% of each sale) from your website
  • We process a large range of transactions from travel maps to large customised wall maps which may cost up to and over £1000

To join our scheme please visit our partners Affiliate Future.


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