A World Map Poster can be more than just a gift for people that love geography or that travel a lot. It can also be a statement of style, a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle when you’ve just moved into a new home and begin decorating. Depending on what your personal preferences might be, or space you may be working with, you can really go wild with options! Here are just a few map posters that we feel will really do a number on your walls.

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Classic World Map

You really cannot go wrong with our Classic World Map poster, which is why we’ve named it very well! This delightful little number has got muted colour tones, but at the same time, is quite striking to look at. You can use it as a focal point in a living room, a home study environment or even in a bedroom. A large world map poster will certainly get the attention of anyone that visits, and will make a great complement to the rest of your furniture.

The World Is Art – Wall Map Red

The World is Art Wall Map Red

If you have more of a Scandinavian look with your furniture and wall colours, the best complement to this style would be our World is Art Collection of map posters. It might look like just a single shade, but we’ve spared no resource or attention to detail with this map. Every country, city and border on our World is Art – Red is completely up to date, and we’ve even given it some fantastic hill and sea shading, to really bring out that shade of red that’s just right!

Antique World Map

Antique World Map Poster

A large world map poster or even a huge sized one to fit an entire wall is definitely a bold step, which is why we’ve included that picture above of how our Antique World Map can really be a spectacular option for you! If you’re going to have a map dominate a space thus, you’re going to want to make it striking yet subtle in nature. This is where our improvised stylish fonts with this map poster will really do the trick.

The World Is Art – Wall Map Neutral

The World Is Art - Neutral World Map Poster

Of course if you didn’t want to go large, you could still go Medium or Small, which is where our World is Art – Neutral World Map Poster will be an excellent choice. If you’ve got smaller sized rooms, a light touch on a corner with a map like this on your wall, will actually make the rest of your room stand out. This neutral tone is perfect regardless of the colour of your walls, and will complement the rest of your furniture too!

Whether you’re defining the centrepiece of your room, or just looking for a space to fill on your walls, our world map posters give you an immeasurable amount of choice of styles. You may even want to wind down this uneventful lockdown dominated summer with more positivity, with a world map to plan next year’s adventures. Whatever your motives, we’re sure we’ve got a map of the world with your name on it!

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