We may all be in lockdown at the moment, but one of the best ways out of it (in our minds at least, if not physically!) is to reminisce on all the wonderful places this world of ours has to offer. And even if you haven’t travelled a lot, we still have some fantastic ideas for your world map pinboard, that will help you plan exactly where you want to be when lockdown lifts. A pinboard is a perfect finish for your wall, in these circumstances, but it really comes to life when you personalise it to suit your surroundings and your style.

Try some of these world map pinboard styling tips from Maps International, and brighten up a corner of your home!

Add Photographs to your Pinboard World Map

World Map Pinboard - photograph image

Some of the best travel memories we can probably remember vividly, are the ones that we can share with other people we take with us, or all the wonderful people we meet along the way. Photographs on pushpins will personalise your world map pinboard in a wonderful way! Just think of the number of people you can interact with on a single trip. From the helpful Uber driver that happened to speak English fluently, to the cheeky clerk that helped you and your mates track down some local drinks when every supermarket was shut. Or of course, someone special you took with you. They all contributed to a wonderful trip, and deserve a mention on your map of the world. By the way, one of these stories up there is true, but we’re not saying which!

Colour coordinate your map pin board

World Map Pinboard - colourful pins image

Keep track of your travel bucket list or remind yourself and others of the best places you’ve been by adding a bit of colour to your map pinboard! That is not to say the wall map isn’t colourful on it’s own, of course. You could designate specific colours for specific types of travel. For example, use all your colourful blues or greens for trips taken with family, reds can be those long (yet insightful) business trips you took out of the country. Use black pins to have a bit of a mood board or future bucket list of places you want to visit.

This approach will also work perfectly on our range of British Isles Wall Maps as well. Our Large Personalised Classic Wall Map Pinboard is a particular favourite amongst our customers.

Pin a Personal Message or item of value on a large map pinboard

Of course you could always go for a personalised message as part of your world wall map, but you can certainly go way beyond. Get yourself some colourful post-it notes and some pushpins and leave a message on specific locations on your world map pinboard. If you’ve taken any notes on your past journeys, they would fit perfectly here. As would old railway/subway stubs or tickets, if they form some kind of nostalgic value to you.

Did you have any other suggestions for how to personalise a pinboard world map or map of the UK? We’d love to hear or indeed see them!

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