These are certainly strange times we live in. Any overseas travel plans we want to make, seem beholden to quarantine lists, exorbitant travel costs and minimising risk of contracting Covid-19. However it’s worth remembering, that though it might not seem like it at the moment, this is temporary. We shouldn’t lose sight of our yearning to travel, and we should certainly not deprive the next generation of the joy of travelling either.

A World Map for kids in their bedrooms will go a long way to achieving this. You’d be amazed how the simple act of hanging a map in the right place, might be able to spark a bit of curiosity in young people. We’ve picked 4 of the best below for you to choose from. Or you could have browse of our entire collection of maps for kids bedrooms!

Glow in the Dark World Map

World Map for Kids - Glow in the Dark World Map image

A Glow in the Dark World Map can be both fun and an educational tool for children. When you first receive this kids world map, make sure that you unfurl it and allow it to charge with as much light as possible. As night falls, the Glow in the Dark World Map will come to life as the world is illuminated. If your child is afraid of the dark, the soothing green glow of this map will put them at ease as they sleep. Dreaming of visiting exotic and wonderful shores, no doubt!

Primary World Wall Map Political

World Map for Kids - Primary World Wall Map Political Image

If your kid is in pre-school or if they’re primary school aged, the Primary World Wall Map Political is just perfect for their bedroom. We’ve spared no level of detail or accuracy for this map of the world for kids. Every country border, city name, and capital is up-to-date and we’ve even included a degree of hill shading, for your kids to appreciate terrain. The bright coloured countries and large fonts are especially selected for kids of a younger age bracket. Pick up the Primary World Wall Map Political in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

Scratch Off Kids Animals of the World

Scratch Off Animals Map Image

Whether it’s a flamingo at the zoo, a rhino on safari or a beautiful bee in your back garden, chances are your child has probably had some interactions with animals and nature, either this summer or on previous family holidays. Our Scratch Off Kids Animals of the World prints will give your kids an appreciation of the diversity of our natural world, and they’ll spend hours scratching off each of the 50 animals listed here. You can even have fun with some memory games, by helping them fill in which country a specific animal was spotted on the map.

See how many you can scratch off together in a single year!

World Illustrated Sticker Map

World Map for Kids - Illustrated Sticker Map Image

Of course, aside from scratch prints, you can also use stickers to build some geographic knowledge. Our World Illustrated Sticker Map is a colourful classic, that will fill your kids’ afternoons with countless hours of fun, and will make a wonderful addition to their bedroom walls.

This exciting map pack contains over 100 stickers of beautifully illustrated animals and famous landmarks from around the world. The sticker sheets contain hints to help children find the right place to place each sticker. The map also contains faint outlines of the shapes of the stickers so that they can match the stickers to the map.

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