Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, which makes choosing Father’s Day gifts a challenge for even the best of shoppers. If you don’t want to resort to the usual boring socks, ties or novelty gifts, you’ll have to think outside the box.

Maps as Father’s Day gifts are a great, unique choice for many dads. Here are our top five reasons why!

1. They can spark happy memories

Scratch the World® Black edition map image

All dads are different, but we’ve got Father’s Day map gifts to suit every kind of dad.

If your dad’s a well-travelled globe-trotter, a world map can be a great way to remind him of happy memories and trips from days gone by. From our classic world map to the Scratch The World Black Edition map print, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Or perhaps your dad’s less into world travel, and more into football, hiking, beer, whisky, cycling, or golf! Wherever his happiest memories come from, take a look at the scratch off maps in our Father’s Day gifts collection. These will give him the chance to scratch off all the football stadiums, hikes, pubs, distilleries, cycle routes or golf courses he’s ticked off so far. Scratch off maps make super fun Father’s Day gifts and we’ve got plenty more hobbies where those came from, too, including skiing, rock climbing and marathon running.

2. They look stylish on a wall

Executive World Map

Maps are not purely practical. In fact, the right map can add charm, interest and style to a home or office – making Father’s Day map gifts brilliant for dads who take interest in their interior surroundings, especially if they’re working from home lately.

Our specialist cartographers work in collaboration with our world-class designers to make sure that every map we create is a fusion of beauty and function. Our maps are art – and who doesn’t love to receive art as a gift? Check out our Executive World Map Political, the London Street Art Map, or our Best British Map of the World for an eclectic choice!  Any one of these could transform a wall in minutes – and put a smile on your dad’s face, every time he looks at it.

3. They make brilliant personalised gifts

Personalised UK Postcode Map

If you like the idea of finding great personalised Father’s Day gifts, don’t discount a map – because many of ours can be customised to make them just perfect for your very own, one-of-a-kind dad!
To personalise your dad’s map, you can add your own title and subtitle, plus you can pick the border and text colours, and even the font in some cases. Then you can add pins and tags to places he’s visited or lived in.

Alternatively, you could choose a personalised postcode map, which hones in on a UK postcode that’s particularly important to him. For example, it could be somewhere he lived, where he met your mum, or the location of his holiday home or favourite beauty spot.

Whatever you go for, personalised Father’s Day gifts are a great way to make him feel special and loved, with a bespoke treat that’s designed especially for him.

4. They’re a great conversation starter

City Street London map straw

Having a map on the wall – whether something classic, personalised, fun, or even abstract – will be a great conversation starter for any visitors to your dad’s home. Whether you’ve gone for something with pins that gets people asking about your dad’s travel history, or something hobby-related that opens a conversation about whatever he’s into, maps are the kind of Father’s Day gifts that keep on giving.

5. They will last forever!

Scratch the world travel edition map print image

We know that finding Father’s Day gifts for awkward dads is tricky – and it can sometimes seem easier to resort to chocolate, wine or whisky. But once they’ve eaten or drunk their consumable gift, it’s gone for good! That’s not the case with Father’s Day map gifts. A map is an ever-lasting treat that will give your dad joy – and remind him of you – every time he looks at it. It’s one of those Father’s Day gifts that will last a lifetime.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for Father’s Day gifts for awkward dads, look no further! Check out our stunning range of Father’s Day gifts from Maps International and find the perfect one for your much-loved dad. He’s worth it!