You may be used to a more digital landscape these days, but a map of the British Isles will always be an invaluable part of any journey you plan on these shores. Whether you’re travelling by road or train, for work or for pleasure, there’s something incomparable about these maps, that make them a staple part of any trip.

Beginning next week, we’re likely to see a flurry of activity on our roads and motorways with the easing of lockdowns from the 4th of July, especially headed towards campsites, holiday accomodations and and vacation homes.

A British Isles map would be absolutely perfect to plan road trips to these places, whether you’re off on a solitary adventure or you’re booking a long-awaited holiday with your family and loved ones. Check out how versatile our British Isles Routeplanning Map can be on trips like these!

Every Route is mapped to perfection

This might be a bit of an obvious point to make, but you really cannot overstate how important it is to have different route options on a map of the British Isles. The British Isles Routeplanning Map is accurately colour-coded for you to identify a motorway from say an A-road or a country road. There is also a distinct separate colour scheme to identify railway lines, and where relevant, we’ve also made it clear whether or not the road is a single or a double carriageway. This would allow you to estimate journey times, based on different speed limits from Point A to Point B. And it makes it fun to plan which route to your destination would be the fastest to use.

Hill Shading to predict elevation during journeys

Hill shading on this British Isles Map really makes it stand out and allows you to plan and predict journey times, taking into account how much weight you’re carrying in your vehicle. It’ll give you at least a rough idea of what your petrol consumption might be like when you’re travelling in a fully loaded car. Not to mention allowing you to make a choice between the more urban industrial routes versus a more scenic open countryside.

Laminated World Map Blog - image of British Isles routeplanning map

All of the British Isles are included

For those of you wishing to visit some of our more scenic islands off the mainland, we’ve certainly not forgotten about you. This map also includes route mapping for the Shetland Islands, the Isle of Man, Orkney Islands, Anglesey and the Channel Islands, etc. So don’t let us deter you from planning a trip across a ferry to any of these wonderful locations either!

Choose from several finishes

The British Isles Routeplanning map comes in a perfect UK A1 size, all the way up to our Huge Size (115cm x 163cm) and you can choose either¬† a paper style or get something really special like a pinboard and laminated finish. We’ve even got quite a few exciting framed options, hanging bars and magnetic frames, if you want something to last for years in your home or office. It’s completely up to you!

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