Wall Maps that make perfect gifts this Christmas

Wall Maps that make perfect gifts this Christmas

Are you already counting the weeks left to Christmas? It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can make your family’s dreams come true, with some maps that would mean the world to them.

Gifts for Him

Executive World Map (from £17.00)

Executive World Map

No man’s den is complete without a stunning Executive World Map and any bloke will appreciate a vintage and sophisticated look in his space. This map is available personalised and looks lovely in either black or white wood frames. You can also choose to have it pinboard-mounted, for an added touch of luxury!

Scratch Off UK Golf Courses (from £12.99)

Scratch Golf Courses Map

When it’s time to tee off, our Scratch Off UK Golf Course Maps are a man’s best companion and make an inspired gift! We’ve collected a list of a hundred golf courses that any enthusiasts would love to play at. Once you’ve completed the course, just scratch it off the list and you can even keep track and mark off how many you achieve at any given time, at the bottom right of the map. Sunday couldn’t come quick enough.

Political World Map (from £19.00)

Political World Map - with Front Sheet Lamination

When you’re spoilt for choice, nothing beats our best-selling Political World Map, that can be an educational resource as well as a stylish feature for any man’s space. This world map features every country as a different colour, and we’ve even added hill shading and sea shading to make each of them stand out in a vibrant stunning way. When you order it with front sheet lamination, you can even write on the map using a dry wipe marker, that’s easily wiped off with any household cleaner as well. It’s the perfect map to share and make new memories!

Gifts for Her

The World is Art – Aqua (from £17.00)

The World is Art World Map - Aqua

Aqua is the new pink with this beautifully designed world map, and makes a perfect gift for any lady this Christmas. It’s completely up to date with hill shading, major towns and cities clearly marked, and its blue tones will complete any stylish wall space in any room in your home. You could also place it above a fireplace (as above) or high on a mantlepiece for some added effect!

Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries (from £12.99)

Scratch off UK Gin Distilleries

When it’s Gin o’clock, a bottle of your lady’s favourite tipple would go really well with one of our Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries map prints. Each gin distillery on this map is marked with gin goblet, so if you’re in them mood for a gin adventure, you can plan a trip in advance and go on a tasting spree across the UK and scratch them off once you’re done! We’ve got 75 in total, so it will hopefully be a while before she gets through all of them.

City Street Map of Paris (from £18.00)

Paris City Street Map Charcoal

The lights, the wine, the romance and not to mention the cheese! When all else fails, you’ll always have Paris with our City Street Map! What girl could resist one of these stunning city prints brought to life with it’s minimalist charcoal tone? It’s the perfect colour to evoke some fun memories you’ve had together. A walk down the Champs-Élysées, or that view from the Eiffel Tower perhaps. Both of which are clearly shown, by the way. This map is sure to win you some brownie points this Christmas, and what’s more, you can even personalise it with a message for her.

Maps for Kids

Kids Doodle World Map with Crayons (from £14.99)

Doodle World Map with Crayons

Here’s one that parents and children alike would love to spend some hours on this Christmas! Pick a favourite crayon, and go crazy on this Doodle World Map, whether you’re adding colour to countries or the lovely cartoon illustrations that make up the surface. Our Doodle Map can be educational and informative and will help any kid make their mark on the world!

Glow in the Dark Star Map (from £20.00)

Glow in the Dark Star Map for Kids

It’s never too early to get your children interested in the stars and astronomy, and Christmas is as good a time as any! This stunning Star Map is a fun way to learn about major constellations in our night sky, and it’s glow also provides a welcome distraction for those that might be scared of the dark. The map charges by absorbing light during the day, so make sure it’s placed in a well-lit area, and you’re guaranteed to have a very happy young one, obsessed with the stars this Christmas!

Of course, that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a wide range of thoughtful and unique map gifts, that would make any home look absolutely lovely. Whether you fancy art maps, scratch prints or maps on canvas, we’re sure to have something for everyone!

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