It’s dark, gloomy and the wind chill is really annoying as well, isn’t it? Winter is well and truly here. Never fear, we here at Maps International have just the right selection of maps for you to collect as a bit of a pick-me-up indoors, or some inspiration to get outside and enjoy yourselves!

10: UK as Art – Daffodil

Uk as Art Daffodil in White Frame - image

There’s nothing quite like a lovely touch of yellow in a room to make it feel more cosy and hygge. The UK as Art – Daffodil prints are finished with matte art paper, and will look absolutely lovely on a mantlepiece, as part of an entire set of similar sized prints on a wall. It’s light yellow tones will banish any gloomy thoughts, especially with the weather’s as nasty as it has been lately.

9: Scratch off Alpine Skiing

Scratch Off Alpine Skiing Map Print - image

When you can’t beat the cold, you may as well embrace it! If skiing or snowboarding really excites you, our Scratch off Apline Skiing Prints will be the perfect map for you to plan your next holiday this winter. Pick up one of these and scratch off any of the wonderful ski resorts you’ve been to, or are planning to go, from the 112 amazing ones on this map. Whether you’re on your first blue run, or a pro seeking a new challenge off-piste, this map will make a wonderful gift this Christmas!

8: The World is Art – Pink Wall Map

Beautifully designed with soft pink tones, the World is Art – Pink Wall Map will be a stylish addition to your home this winter. Don’t be taken in by the colour choice alone, this map is very much functional and informative, featuring major towns and cities and contains hill and sea shading too!

7: Scratch Off Kids World Movie Locations Print

Scratch Off Kids Movies main image

One for the kids now, and truth be told, something you will enjoy as an adult as well! The Scratch Off Kids World Movie Locations Print details 50 kids movies that you can either make your way through together this winter, or take your time with over the next year. When you’ve watched the film together, scratch it off the map and give it a rating! Winter evenings are for snuggling in front of a telly with a warm fire going, and a movie everyone can enjoy and this map will just make them extra special!

6: Illustrated London Map

Illustrated London map - image

Of course, you don’t always have to have colour on a wall to inspire a good mood in the cold season. This Illustrated London wall map is perfect to reminisce all the locations you will want to travel to in the capital, over the next few month! Any resident or fan of the city will instantly recognise all the sights, sounds and landmarks of London, that are present here.

5. UK Classic Wall Map – (Single Side Laminated)

UK Classic Wall Map - image

There’s no place like home, and there’s no map out there of the home countries as lovely as our UK Classic Wall Map! Neutrally toned to suit most room colours, this map will really brighten up a room, even if there’s no light coming in from the outside! It’s a real talking point, displaying all major towns and cities in different shades, bringing your wall to life.

4. Stars and Constellations Glow Map

Stars and Constellations glow map - image

When the days are shorter, you have all the more time to view and appreciate the night sky. With the Stars and Constellations Glow Map, seasoned stargazers and amateur lovers of the night sky have the perfect gift that keeps on giving! By day, it has an encyclopaedic amount of information from the life cycle of a star, nameed constellations, planets in our solar system and much more. By night, it will glow wonderfully, when charged for about 12 hours in daylight. You don’t need to avoid light-polluted nights to spot something amazing in the night sky!

3. Political World Map on Canvas

Political World Map on Canvas

You simply cannot go wrong with our world class Political World Map on Canvas. With every major town city and country marked on this wall map in a delightful unique colour, it will give an air of elegance to your walls this winter. A canvas ensures that your map will last for several years and will be a real conversation starter!

2. Personalised Antique World Map

Personalised Antique World Map - image

If you’re looking to preserve some lovely autumnal shades in your living room this winter, our Personalised Antique World Map is just what you need. You can add a travel or motivational quote as we have above, or if it’s a gift for someone you care about (or yourself!) add a title and subtitle of anything you like.

1. Scratch the World Map® Print

Scratch the World Map Print - image

There’s nothing that beats the winter blues like planning for a holiday or reminiscing one that you’ve already been on. Pick up our most popular map, the Scratch the World® Map Print, and begin scratching off all the marvelous locations you’ve been. Every country will have a different colour underneath the scratch foil, and as you make your way through the map, you’ll have a unique personalised travel story to tell, that will be unlike anyone else’s! You can even personalise this map by adding push pins or writing on it.

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