Pick up a map-inspired gift for Dad this Father’s Day, to show him how much you care!

They come in all shapes and sizes and types don’t they? From the old fashioned ones, to the jokers, the sentimentalists to the party animals and the fixer-uppers of all things DIY, pottering about the house. No matter what category your Dad or father figure falls into, we figured it was time for us to say thank you to them in a way that really made them feel special. But sometimes you can’t just walk down the high street knowing exactly what you want.

Fortunately, here at Maps International, we’ve spared no expense in creating a lovely catalogue of map gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day, which may we remind you, is just a few weeks away! Pick a lovely map from any you see below, and your Dad will really appreciate the sentiment!

The ‘On the Road’ Dads

For the daily grind dads that just can’t catch a break, who spend every waking moment at work for the rest of the family, who sometimes need a bit of a reminder of just how much we care for them. Or for the ones that just want a bit of alone time on the weekend with mates, or just love the sound of the motorway.

Scratch Off Alpine Climbs

Scratch Off Alpine Climbs Print
265 major peaks across 4 countries in Europe, each of them over 3000m in height. It’s absolutely perfect for Dad’s next challenge or something the whole family can attempt on a holiday together!

World Wall Map Physical with White Ocean

huge world map physical white ocean image
For something more contemporary for Dad’s office space away from work, pick up a physical map! This white ocean print is a stunning representation of the world’s physical terrain, complete with accurate borders, hill shading and large lettering for cities and countries. It’s rugged and masculine, just like him!

London City Street Map Print – Straw

City Street London map straw

Why not pick up a city street map for Dad, to remind him of his favourite city in the world, or a place you both share a special memory of? Perhaps it was the best holiday you took together? Or where he walked you down the aisle. Oh, and we also have this range in exciting mauve, turquoise and charcoal colours!

The Sentimentalist Dads

For the dads that just keep on giving, whether that’s spoiling you rotten at Christmas, or making you *those* special pancakes every morning with a smiley face with strawberries (thanks, Dad!), we’ve got a range of options for them as well!

Personalised World is Art Maps

Personalised World is Art Maps

Get your dad this map if you’d like to remind him of all of the special holidays you’ve taken together. A fun activity could be dropping colourful push pins on a pinboard and marking them all off together. Don’t forget a lovely message for him! These World is Art maps are available in a range of colours via Not on the High Street!

UK as Art Map Gravlax

Uk as Art Map Gravlax
If he’s inclined towards more artistic prints, he will absolutely love any print from our new UK As Art range of map prints on Not on the High Street. The UK as Art Map Gravlax is particularly a shade that’s gaining popularity amongst our customers at the moment owing to its inspiration from Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019, Living Coral!  Or you could pick any of 9 other lovely spring/summer tones for your Dad!

Scratch the World® Black Edition

Scratch the World® Black edition map image

The ‘Always Busy’ Dad

Here’s to the constant fixer-upper, whether that involves installing a new mantelpiece in your room, bleeding radiators or even fixing your mood by cheering you up when you’re down, or taking you out to dinner! What do you gift someone that seems to never stop moving or working? We’re so glad you asked!

Personalised Classic World Map

Personalised Classic World Map

You can write a personalised message to Dad, thanking him for everything he does for you on a daily basis and he’s guaranteed to appreciate it!

Scratch Off UK Golf Courses

Scratch Off UK Golf Courses
Because even the most active Dad around the house needs a weekend to relax with his golf buddies, at his favourite course, or at several others, swinging a 9 iron. Give Dad his ‘me time’ with his mates, with this lovely golf course print.

Personalised Postcode Map Print

personalised uk postcode map image
Choose the centre location of a place that’s special to you or your Dad, by postcode. Then pick a colour from 6 exciting shades, give the map a personalised message, and he’s absolutely love the sentiment! There’s nothing quite like cherishing a happy memory between the two of you forever!


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