A vintage world map is the perfect way to add character, interest and charm to any room in your home.

Many would say that if you want a world map, vintage is the way to go. But if you are wondering who exactly would want a vintage map of the world, you’d probably be surprised by the range of people out there. Not to mention that they make the perfect gift for any occasion as well!

Today we’re sharing our curated list of the five types of people in your life who would simply love to have a vintage world map in their home!

The adventurer

They may be stuck indoors at the moment, but we all know someone who always seems to be jetting off on their next globe-trotting adventure. For anyone whose wanderlust defines them, a vintage map of the world is just the ticket to give them inspiration and ideas between trips, while they dream of foreign lands. Or, if their travelling days are behind them, a vintage world map for the wall is a great way to spark much-loved memories and nostalgia, and incorporate their passion for travel into their home.

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Check out our Vintage Mercator’s Projection World Map 1858 or pick up our Travel Quote Maps in a vintage style with a modern twist.

The Interiors Enthusiast

A map can be a stylish addition to any living space, adding an attractive focal point to a hallway, sitting room, office, garden room or even bathroom. If you really want to help someone add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to their home with a world map, vintage is the perfect way to do it. This conversation-starting piece of home décor will bring creativity, joy and a touch of vintage-inspired cool to an interiors lover’s home or office environment.

Vintage World Map Blog - Map of London image

Of course, we don’t just have world maps toTake a look at our Vintage London Map from the Royal Atlas 1898 for a stylish nod to our capital, just perfect for any Londoners, or check out this incredibly cool Vintage John Tallis Map of Denmark 1851.

The History Nerd

With sepia tones, our vintage maps offer a travel-themed vintage touch that hints to the world that came before. Perhaps that special someone in your life appreciates history, or perhaps they have a thing for beautiful antique finds. Either way, a vintage world map for the wall is a great gift for someone who is drawn to the wonder and mystery of the past.

Vintage World Map blog - map of Europe image

Check out our Vintage Political Europe Map 1922, the perfect present for your favourite history geek.

The Art Lover

For the art lover in your life a world map, vintage or otherwise, is a great gift. Maps might have started as a clever way to navigate the world, but today have found a new lease of life as works of art. With its muted hues, a vintage map of the world is a great way to add artistic flair and understated colour to any space.

Try our Vintage Gerard Mercator Europe Map 1606 or Vintage Double Hemisphere World Map 1689 for a couple of ‘artsy’ options – but there are plenty more where they came from.

The Wordsmith

Perhaps you know a writer, or maybe you know someone who lives for a great inspirational quote. While a vintage world map might not instantly spring to mind as the perfect gift for a lover of words, one of our travel quote map prints could actually be just the treat you’re looking for.

They’re vintage with a modern slant and, with quotes such as ‘The World Is Your Oyster’ and ‘Not All Who Wander Are Lost’, there are plenty of options to delight your loved ones.


So whether you’re looking for a map gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Father’s Day or Christmas, a vintage world map could be just the gift you’re after!

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