Valentine’s Day around the World

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As Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, we thought we would look into how a few different countries around the world celebrate this day of love. In England, we tend to send loved ones cards, flowers and gifts but Valentine's Day takes a whole new meaning in other areas of the world. 1. [...]

Art Therapy – Colouring in maps

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Have you noticed the latest trend for adults? Colouring in has been regarded as a form of therapy, to de-stress by colouring in different things ranging from animals to patterns. There has been much debate on whether art therapy actually provides any therapeutic benefits. Well we think if you enjoy it then why stop? Maps [...]

Earth’s Rotation Day

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Tomorrow is Earth’s rotation day! It is celebrated on January 8th as it commemorates when French physicist, Leon Foucault demonstrated the Earth rotates on its axis in 1851. Every 24 hours the earth rotates on its axis. However, these rotations are slowing down. Atomic clocks show that a modern day is longer by about 1.7 [...]

Gifts for the Traveller

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If you know someone who loves to travel then look no further as Maps International have a range of gifts that will be perfect for them. 1. A city skyline Paris City Skyline This beautiful Paris city skyline done in watercolour makes for a wonderful gift. Finished on a canvas, this will be [...]

Men’s Den – Gifts for the man

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When shopping for Christmas presents, we know how hard it can be to find gifts for men, something different to the classic pair of socks. Here at Maps International, we might just have the solution and this gift can be for your dad, brother, partner, son or any other man in your life. Do they [...]

5 reasons why you should really own a canvas map

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Wondering whether to purchase a canvas map? Maps International state 5 reasons why you really should. 5.  Life - If nothing else, this beautifully detailed map adds colour and interest to your room and brings it to life. The map below from the ‘World is Art’ range does this particularly well by adding colour to [...]

Decorate your child’s playroom with a world map mural

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Looking to decorate your child’s playroom with something a bit different? Maps international offers a map wallpaper that not only looks like great fun and full of bright colours, but also works as an educational tool as well!   This beautifully bright world map mural would look great in a child’s playroom for them to [...]

My Top 10 Favourite Map Tattoos

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In the news this week, we saw Kevin Pietersen get a brand new tattoo, which appealed to us, as he got a map of the world inked across his body. This inspired me to do a bit of research, to see if anybody else has similar tattoos that also showcase their passion for mapping and travel. [...]

Nuclear Weapon States Map

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The 1930's was a period of immense change. The great depression caused markets to crash and resulted in economic downfall, whilst Adolf Hitler seized the opportunity to rise to power. Many major conflicts occurred across the world including the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Chaco War and the earth changing World War II. The decade also [...]