Great Gifts For Future Travelling And Adventures!

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As the year is nearly over, here at Maps International we have decided to create a blog about 5 great products we offer that we think would be a perfect gift for travelling. These products would be great to start the new year with, and plan where your next adventure will take you. Large Political [...]

Valentine’s Day around the World

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As Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, we thought we would look into how a few different countries around the world celebrate this day of love. In England, we tend to send loved ones cards, flowers and gifts but Valentine's Day takes a whole new meaning in other areas of the world. 1. [...]

Gifts for the Traveller

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If you know someone who loves to travel then look no further as Maps International have a range of gifts that will be perfect for them. 1. A city skyline Paris City Skyline This beautiful Paris city skyline done in watercolour makes for a wonderful gift. Finished on a canvas, this will be [...]

Men’s Den – Gifts for the man

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When shopping for Christmas presents, we know how hard it can be to find gifts for men, something different to the classic pair of socks. Here at Maps International, we might just have the solution and this gift can be for your dad, brother, partner, son or any other man in your life. Do they [...]

Celebrate International Youth Day

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Tomorrow is international youth day where we can recognise the efforts of the world’s youth in enhancing our society. This day aims to promote the youth of today to actively engage in making a positive contribution to their communities. What better way to celebrate this day than by giving the gift of a map! These [...]

Valentine’s Day gifts – The best journeys are worth sharing

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February has graced us with its presence once again, and for a lot of individuals that only means one thing - no, not a few days closer to longer and sunnier afternoons, I'm talking about Valentines Day! Whether you're planning something special for your loved one, or looking to give a truly unique and personal gift to [...]