Map Profile – Introducing the Scratch the World®: Kids Adventure Edition!

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We've got an amazing adventure in store for your little ones! We're really excited to announce our Scratch the World® range of prints now has a new edition, just for kids. Have you got a young explorer in your home, who's itching to learn about the world? The Scratch the World® Activity Adventure print will [...]

Making Geography Fun for Kids

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Geography can be loads more fun for a child than you can possible imagine. All they need is a little encouragement and a guide in the right direction. Studying geography is about so much more than being able to point out a country on a map and reel off its capitals! It's about being curious [...]

Back to School – Key-stage appropriate maps to bring geography to life

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In preparation for the 2016/17 academic year, we’re highlighting our detailed range of educational wall maps that provide an interactive, visual learning experience for pupils of all ages. The UK National Curriculum reflects the importance of high-quality geographical education that inspires in pupils a fascination with the world and its inhabitants from the very beginning. [...]

Maps for Schools – an Educational Blog

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Keeping a child's mind occupied in the classroom may be easier said than done. However, with that in mind, us over here at Maps International have a wonderful selection of maps, that will prove to be a very useful teaching resource, guaranteed to help develop their young minds in both a fun and interesting way.

Survive the school holidays with the help of our world maps – keeping the kids entertained this summer!

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(Read our most recent blog on keeping the kids entertained this summer!) Entertaining the kids during the summer holidays, can always be challenging especially with the Great British weather to contend with. However, do not fear we have the answer to keeping them occupied and in the process improve their geography knowledge. Our doodle map [...]

Egghead doesn’t know where Hartlepool is

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One of the Eggheads, CJ de Mooi, was yesterday proving that although he knows everything about most things, he doesn't know a lot about Geography. When asked what body of water is Hartlepool on he couldn't even work out it was in the North East nevermind on the North Sea. To help him out we've [...]