5 Must-Visit Autumn Travel Destinations for 2018

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Don’t mourn the loss of the summer holiday season – there’s still time to add these perfect Autumn/Fall travel destinations to your bucket-list! While some travellers may be mourning the impending dip in temperatures, others are waiting with anticipation for the leaves to turn and the air to chill. So, pack your cosiest jumper and [...]

5 World Maps to bring home this autumn (and how to make it hygge)

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So here we are at the end of summer! Your swimwear has been tearfully packed away under the bed and that hopelessly optimistic BBQ grill is back in the shed after just three uses. Summer may not be back for a while, but do not despair. We have the most perfect set of world wall maps, to make your [...]

First day of autumn!

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Today we can officially say goodbye to summer 2015 (yes, it’s time to get the jumpers out!) as today marks the first day of autumn with the autumnal equinox which usually falls on 22nd or 23rd September every year. As the planet actually takes 365.25 days to orbit the sun, the equinox will occasionally fall [...]