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It’s almost time for schools to ring the bell for the summer holidays. Whether you’ve got a big family adventure planned for the holidays, or just worried about how you’re going to entertain the kids during the inevitable rainy British summer days to come, these global-themed crafts and activities will keep them occupied, whilst inspiring a love of travel and a fascination with the world around them.

Illustrated Trivia World Map

Illustrated Trivia World Map

Printed World Maps

Illustrated Trivia World Map

Did you know that every year the Netherlands sends 20,000 tulip bulbs to Canada to thank them for their help in World War II?

This uniquely illustrated world map is packed with fun facts and trivia to teach children about the world we live in. A great opportunity for them to learn a little about their summer holiday destination and develop their interest in travel.

Doodle World Map with crayons


Ideal for mini-creatives and budding artists to make their mark on the world early. Aimed at younger children, this clear and easy to read map is a colouring project that will last all summer and is a way to discuss geography with children in a fun and interactive way.

Craft Kits

Craft Kits

World Map Craft Kits

Suitable for children 8+

Origami World Map Kit

One for the animal lovers! This is a kit for both children and adults to get stuck into together. It comes with materials and instructions for eight different origami animals to create and stick to the world map provided.

London 3D Model Map Kit

Planning a family city break? This fun and interactive craft kit lets children learn about some of London’s most famous landmarks whilst building their very own city. The kit also includes a colourful street map of London.

Make Your Own Globes Kit

Build two beautiful globes to sit on a desk or in a bedroom. Kids can colour and build their own 3D version of the world and explore the planet. Includes a classic globe map and also a star globe showing the different constellations in the night sky.

Paper crafts have been loved for generations and this great range of interactive kits has been designed with the aim of inspiring childrens’ interest in the world around them. Video instructions for these kits are also available on the Maps International Youtube Channel.