Although we are taught not to have favourites, here at Maps International headquarters, we have been discussing our personal favourites from the huge range of Maps and Mapping gifts.

First to pick his favourite is Neill, who you might be lucky enough to speak to if you need to place an order by phone or have an enquiry about one of our products.

His favourite map from the range is the Political Europe Wall Map for Children. He explains: ‘I was torn between this and our Huge World Wall Map which I like because it’s massive, but I picked the European political children’s map because of the bright colours and the fact it is so appealing to children.’

Children's Map Of Europe

Children’s Map Of Europe

Like all our wall maps, this European map for children is available in a range of finishes including durable laminated finish, or in framed and mounted options. Each country is featured in a vibrant, bright colour and country names are displayed using easy-to-read fonts. This map is ideal for primary school children aged 5-11 years.

Map of Europe - Close Up

Map of Europe – Close Up

Do you agree with Neill? Is his choice of Children’s European Political Wall Map one of you or your children’s favourite maps?

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