Another Maps International Map Spotted On TV!

Our maps are enjoyed by many people in their house as they look so good and are educational. However, people at home aren’t the only ones that find our maps indispensable; many businesses also rely on our maps.

How do we know? Because they tell us! Oh, and we also spot them on the television!

One eagle-eyed member of staff here at Maps International spotted our British Isles Planning Wall Map in the background of a BBC News Special on the chaos caused by the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions.

In this programme there are many interviews and outside broadcasts from the length and breadth of the UK, including reporter Mark Worthington interviewing David Bizley, Technical Director of the RAC. From the RAC control centre on the M6 (next to the fantastic Bescot Stadium, home to Midland try-hards Walsall Football Club), David Bizley talks of the adverse weather conditions and the problems associated with driving in the snow and icy conditions. Whilst he is talking about the increase in flat batteries, frozen doors and car parts, we can see the British Isles Planning Wall Map behind him.

RAC Snow News

Yellow Arrows Indicate British Isles Planning Wall Map At The RAC Control Centre


Judging from the fact that the call centre usually gets around 6,400 calls per day, and in these extreme weather conditions they are now receiving over 16,000 calls per day, it is no wonder that this British Isles Planning Wall Map is on display centrally in the office. Taking that many calls from stranded motorists, there is certainly a lot of planning required, so we are pleased to see them taking advantage of our useful map!

Our British Isles Planning Wall Map shows all major roads, cities and towns in a clear and bright detailed design, with each county shown in a different colour. The Planning Wall Map of the British Isles also includes a comprehensive town index, detailed inset of London and mileage chart. The perfect map for business planning ÔÇô as displayed at the RAC control centre!

The British Isles Planning Wall Map is available in a range of finishes including paper, laminated, framed, board mounted, roller blind mounted and magnetic finishes.

British Isles Wall Map

British Isles Planning Wall Map As Seen On BBC News

For those wishing to see the map in its starring role again, this programme is available to watch on the BBC iplayer. It was first shown on BBC1 at 19:30, Monday 20th December 2010.