When you’re trying to decide on the best piece of art to go on a wall, it can sometimes be quite confusing. Let’s face it, there’s enough information out there and infinite possibilities of room decor you can experiment with, to leave you overthinking everything.

Read through these room tips to help you decide which of our exciting wall map art prints would be absolutely perfect for your home!

1. Measure the size of your wall

A world wall map can be an incredibly detailed piece of art that needs a bit of space to breathe. There’s more to this than just figuring out how much space you have in your living room. A typical rule of thumb is that the centre of the map art piece should hang at eye level, but this can change depending on the kind of furniture you have in the room. If you do have furniture placed below the wall map art like say a sofa, make sure there’s enough room between where the sofa end and your wall map begins. Something like 6 to 12 inches is typically enough to allow the map art to breathe a bit more.

Wall Map Decor

If you are considering having multiple frames on a single wall, space becomes an even more important factor for your wall art. Gallery walls have come a long way from just postcard sized black frames arranged in a geometric grid. There’s a lot you can do with colour accents, if you’re working with a white wall, that will really brighten your living room!

2. Examine your colours

Before you make your choice of wall map art, consider what kind of mood you want to evoke with its colours.  Take note of whether or not it will match up with the colours of your walls. Warm colours like yellow and red are certainly more vibrant, while cooler colours like green or blue will soften people’s moods and relax them. So typically, cooler colours will be much more appropriate for bedrooms, while warmer colours can look lovely in a living room or kitchen, to make them look more excitable for guests. When you’re picking your map art, look to the colours for a clue!


3. Complement the mood of your room

Do us a favour. Stand in the middle of the room you’re in and take in every piece of furniture you spot, and try and identify what sort of style you’ve got working for you. Is it urban chic or more contemporary? Is it perhaps more of a traditional setting? The more adventurous amongst you might even be bold enough to have a steampunk theme in your living room! Yes, we’ve even got a map to suit that particular style as well!

Depending on what you see, the map art you choose will either enhance your room even more, or it might blend into its surroundings. Your choice of frames is incredibly important as well. Whether you choose from black or white wooden frames to a hanging bar finish, you’ll need to ensure it fits within the mood of the room, where you’re displaying the map.

4. Express your personality

A lot of folks forget about the fact that if you’re going to have a piece of map art in a room where you spend the most time, it’s also got to make you feel comfortable to look at every day. Everyone has a different style and tastes and choosing art for a wall can be quite personal. Taking your time to select a print is definitely recommended. Use friends as a sounding board for what your wall art ideas are, but don’t depend on them completely to make a choice for you.

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