Are you counting down the days until a dream holiday, sporting event, or a personal project? Our map gifts and activities are right up your street.

You know that summer is on the way when you’ve had five or six days of sustained heat. Even if that’s followed by a lightning storm!

Our cartographers are what you might call an active bunch! They’ve been injecting their own personal passions into our decorative wall map designs and we can assure you that some of them are real hot ticket items.


Over the years, our collection of scratch prints has grown to include a wide range of sports, hobbies, and activities, many of which can be personalised to tell your own, unique story!

Scratch the World Cup

Scratch the World - White Frame

In just a couple of weeks the World Cup 2018 will is going to kick off the summer sporting season! If you don’t fancy flying to Russia to watch events unfold in person, our Scratch the World Collection is the perfect way to follow along at home and scratch away each country, until you’re left with the last team standing. Or if you’d like a fun way to organise an office sweepstakes with favourite teams, there’s nothing like our scratch prints!

Plan the Ultimate Road Trip

Scratch Europe Print

If you’re planning an epic road trip or backpacking expedition, then this Scratch-off Europe print is a handy travel companion. Scratch off each state, or European destination, city or festival on your bucket list as you go. Once you’re done, you’ll have a colourful and detailed wall map to display proudly for years to come.


Keeping Little Hands Busy

Scratch the World® Kids Adventure Edition 2

Use the Summer holidays to get kids excited about family travels and help them learn more about the world they live in with these interactive and creative activities. Let younger children explore the world with their creativity, using the Kids Doodle World Map (complete with crayons). Older children can engage in scratch-off trivia and activities with the new Scratch the World Activity Adventure Map.

Cycle Climbs

Indulge your Hobbies

Whether you’re a keen golfer, daredevil cyclist, or wannabe mountaineer, our range of ‘Collect & Scratch’ UK map prints provide the perfect blueprint for you to realise your ambitions and take a hobby to the next level this summer – whether it’s playing at some of the best Golf Courses in the UK, sampling beers from the UK’s finest breweries, or scaling all 282 Scottish Munros.

So where will summer 2018 take you? Our range is full of beautiful wall maps, prints, and activities for all ages that allow you to take charge of your travel plans and display your adventures and achievements proudly in your home.

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