Staycations have become the holiday of choice this summer – and what better way to commemorate this wonderful country and all it has to offer, than with fun, fabulous and stylish personalised maps?

It took a global pandemic to put us off our European travel but, as a result, 2020 has become the year Britons realised just how much we love the UK. It’s no wonder personalised maps of the UK have become so popular! From trips to the beautiful countryside and jaunts to the Great British coast, to stopovers in our wonderful capital and day trips to historical towns, what’s not to love? Perhaps the weather – but that’s a minor detail!

Sad Face in the rain

Here are five of our best personalised maps that could serve as a brilliant reminder of this unusual summer, and honour what our great country has to offer. Let’s celebrate this island that we call home – because it’s worth it!

Personalised UK Postcode Map

Personalised Map - UK Postcode map

Most people have a place that’s special to them. Whether it’s their favourite holiday destination, the place they got married or engaged, or their childhood home, it’s common to have a location that you hold dear. Having a personalised map print in your home is a fantastic way to honour a place that’s special to you.

With our Personalised UK Postcode Map you can choose any Great British postcode* you like, and create a custom map. You can choose from six exciting map colours, choose frame colours, and a personalised title and subtitle. It’s a great treat for yourself, or a beautiful gift for a loved one. You could even use a personalised map print like this to commemorate the UK summer of lockdown, and where you spent it with your family.

Scratch Off UK Breweries

Personalised Maps - UK Breweries Print

Anyone who appreciates a good pint will love this amazing map – in fact, personalised maps don’t come much more exciting. You scratch off every independent brewery marked on our Scratch Off UK Breweries Print that you’ve visited or sampled, and make a mental note to put the remaining ones on your ‘to taste’ list.

UK beer lovers can customise this personalised map print with their own text, and then continue to personalise it every time they scratch off a brewery. Take a call on whether to scratch an icon only when you’ve visited a brewery, or scratch whenever you sample a beer from that brewery. The latter’s a perfectly acceptable option for when the world is hit by a pandemic. We won’t judge you!

But if beer’s not your thing, you won’t be left out of the tipple-themed, scratch off personalised maps game. We’ll bet that if you don’t like beer, you’re probably into gin. If so, check out our Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries Print. You won’t regret it. And there’s one for Scottish Whisky Distilleries too!

Personalised UK Classic Wall Map

personalised map - UK Classic Wall Map

Simple and chic, our Personalised UK Classic Wall Map is a sleek print that will look perfect on your wall. Travellers can reminisce about their favourite past UK trips and the special places that mean something to them every day with this beauty.

Add your own title and subtitle, as well as your own pins and travel tags for a totally personalised map print. Whether you personalise it with the places you’ve been lucky enough to have visited this summer, a particularly special location, or all the UK spots you’ve ever visited, it’s down to you to decide. Or of course you can plan future trips with specific coloured map pins.

With county and country boundaries, UK towns and cities, and pretty hill and sea shading, this classic map is perfect for the UK’s most stylish travel enthusiasts.

Scratch Off UK Golf Courses Print

Personalised Maps - UK Golf Courses

One of the first things to reopen post-lockdown in the UK was our golf courses. It sort of makes sense when you think about it; where else could you be more socially distant? Keen golfers were over the moon – especially the ones who already had this map, because they could get cracking with scratching off more of the 100 golf courses on it!

Our Scratch Off UK Golf Courses Prints can be personalised with a line of text or an inspirational quote, and make a great gift for a golf lover.

Personalised Postcodes Couples Print

Personalised map - Couples Postcode Prints

This summer, thousands of couples have had to – and are still having to – postpone their weddings due to Covid-19 restrictions. Why not mark their ‘would-have-been’ wedding day with a special personalised map print that celebrates their love?

The Personalised Postcodes Couples Print can focus on any two locations in the UK – such as where the couple met, where they got engaged, where they were going to have their wedding, or where they spent the day instead. It can be personalised with some written text, too, to show that you’ve put some special thought into this beautiful gift.

By adding personalised maps to your home, you’ll get attractive and heart-warming daily reminders of some of your favourite happy UK memories. There’s a lot to appreciate in this beautiful country, and we hope you have a great Bank Holiday enjoying it.

*Unfortunately, due to Ordnance Survey coverage, this product is not available covering the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland. The Isle of Man can only be covered with 1:50,000 Landranger mapping.