Whether you’re a parent a teacher or even a student that loves geography, you’ve probably got a few mixed feelings about heading back to school environments again.

First of all, give yourself a minute to take some credit for how you’ve managed to negotiate a very tough summer. What with working from home, keeping active with coursework as far as possible and still keeping your wits about you, it hasn’t been an easy journey at all. No one said this was easy, and there is definitely no playbook on how best to navigate these troubled waters.

Given that terms are about to start up soon again, we thought we’d give you the best start possible with some of the finest collection of wall maps, British Isle Prints and continental maps from our Back to School Collection. Many of these wonderful maps are available on sale and with free delivery too, so make sure you’re well equipped to seize that first day back!

Children’s Art Map of the World Blue

Art Map of the World Blue

For kids that cannot go without pointing at their favourite locations in the world. Bring the world home to their bedrooms, with this stylish number. Our Children’s Art Map of the World Blue got all the right names of countries, cities and up-to-date names and borders. We’ve even left some hill shading in specific locations to give an idea of terrains!

Glow in the Dark Stars and Constellations

Stars and Constellations map image

If reaching for the stars is all they can ever dream of, they will absolutely love the level of detail on our Glow in the Dark Stars and Constellations map. Any amateur or professional stargazer will love these prints of the night sky, complete with detail of constellations, the lifecycle of stars, eclipse positions and so much more! No more fiddling with telescopes on a light-polluted night, Just charge this map for 12 hours, and see how it comes to life with a bright green glow!

Upside Down World Wall Map Political with flags

Upside Down Political World Map with flags image

Take this delightful print back to school with you on a Monday morning, and watch how kids and adults alike will be amazed with it. Our Upside Down World Wall Map Political with flags is every bit as ‘accurate’ as any other world wall map you may be used to seeing. It just happens to show a different perspective, which is what we as cartographers, are always interested in exploring. It would be a delightful classroom exercise to see who can draw the borders of a country upside down!

Doodle World Map

Doodle World Map image

A stunning stylish colouring map for kids, where the only thing holding them back is their creativity with crayons! The Doodle World Map is filled with wonderful cartoon illustrations of animals and landmarks from around the world. Combine learning and creativity with the fun Flags by numbers game at the bottom of the map as well!

Our entire collection of Back to School maps will be available all month, so do have a peek at them and pick out your favourite ones for the new term!