The biggest shopping day of the year is nearly upon us and we’ve got some excellent maps on sale for you. As many of you may be aware, Black Friday falls on 29 November this year, but we thought we’d get a jump on things a little bit early here at Maps International. Take a look at some of the lovely maps below to get a sneak peek at our top products this year!

Oh and by the way, these sales will be live on our website throughout the Black Friday weekend, all the way through to Monday the 2nd of December. So if you need time to decide, feel free to pick and choose the right map for you or as a gift for someone else!

Our Top Deals for Black Friday

1. Glow in the Dark Maps – upto 60% OFF

Our Glow in the Dark set of wall maps are some of the most popular kids gifts you could pick up this season.

Suitable for both kids and adults alike, the Glow in the Dark World Map really comes to life at night, when it’s illuminated with a bright green glow. If your children are afraid of the dark, this map will provide some comfort for them as well. We have 2 glow in the dark maps of the night sky for kids and seasoned stargazers as well!

The Glow in the Dark Star Map and our Stars and Constellations map will also be amazing gifts for anyone that’s into astronomy and stargazing. No more waiting for a night that’s not light-polluted!

Christmas gift guide for men - Stars and Constellations map image

2. All Canvas Maps – 10% OFF

A canvas on a wall leaves a very distinct mark upon any home or office. It implies a certain elegance and style of the owner, and is sure to impress upon any visitors, either as a focal point, or taking up a smaller space on a mantlepiece. If you’re looking to do a bit of a room makeover for the winter, or are planning a whole new look and feel for the new year, consider a canvas map as a welcome addition to your plans! We’ve got some incredible prints to choose from!

Huge World is Art Red Canvas image

2. All Maps on Hanging Bars – 10% OFF

We recently re-introduced hanging bars for maps and between ourselves, they are proving incredibly popular! Similar to canvas maps, hanging bars give off a touch of class, and can also be used in an educational setting like a school assembly or a classroom.

Antique World Map on Hanging Bars Black Friday image

We have two variants of hanging bars on sale, ones that come in a fine wood finish and ones that are available in PVC aluminium coloured frames. And they’re both available on sale on Black Friday weekend!

Political World map Rolled Canvas with hanging bars

Map Murals – upto 40% OFF

Whether you’re a traveller around the world, or a bucket list maker for the future, these wall map murals are to die for! Anyone that enters a room with a map as a focal point on a wall will definitely have something to start a conversation with! Tell your own unique travel story with a map mural. Our most popular variants include the political world map with Blue Ocean and the Classic World Map Mural and they’re both 40% off on the Black Friday weekend this year!

Giant World Map Classic Mural


Giant World Map Mural Blue Ocean Black Friday

Notable map prints

UK Classic Map – 30% OFF

UK Classic Map Black Friday

Scratch the World Map Print – 30% OFF

Scratch the World Map Print Black friday

Doodle World Map – 50% OFF

Doodle World Map Black Friday Image

Scratch Off Kids World Movie Locations Print – 15% OFF

Scratch Off Kids Movies main image

Check out all of our maps in our Black Friday Sale, on Maps International