For the first time in a very long time, we may well have reason to be optimistic about this summer!

Delta variants and red list countries aside, for the most part, there seems to be eough evidence to suggest that this summer is not a complete write-off, especially if you’re travelling here in the UK! We’ve got some exciting maps to choose from in our  incredible Summer Map Sale, to help you or anyone else go as far as you possibly can!

Maps for Walkers, Hikers, Ramblers and explorers

Collect and Scratch Great British Outdoors print

If you love the outdoors and plan to spend most of your summer days in nature, there are so many incredible maps to choose from our collection online! For the hill-baggers amongst you, take a trip to one of our Munro or Wainwright hills, and scratch them off your bucket list. Or pack your family into your car and pay a visit to one of the gorgeous National Parks we’ve got labelled on our Great British Outdoors map.

For a more solitary adventure, you may also want to explore the Scottish Isles to take in the brilliant sights and rugged landscapes unique to that part of the UK!

Maps for Rock Climbers and Adrenaline Junkies

Scratch Off Peak District Rock Climbs

Nothing feels as fulfilling than stepping to a personal challenge and conquering it. And with our Scratch Off Peak Districts Rock Climbs that’s just what you can expect! These crags have been handpicked by us to give even the most amateur climber a decent climbing challenge. Scratch them off one by one and move on to the next challenge, through this summer.

Maps for Gin Lovers, Whisky Connoisseurs and Beer Buddies

Scratch Print activities - whisky samples

Or perhaps you’re not all that adventurous and your perfect idea of summer is relaxing outside, on the deck of your garden, catching some sunshine, with a gin to keep you company. Perfectly acceptable of course, but why not go on a tasting adventure while you’re at it, with a gin distillery scratch print? Or if whisky or beer is what you fancy, we’ve got a stunning map of Scotch Whisky Distilleries you can scratch off or some excellent Beer Breweries you can tick off your tasting lists.

Even one of these maps will keep you great company this summer, and they would make excellent map gifts for someone else too! Personalise them with a message at the bottom of the map, and show someone how special they are!

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