We are proud to introduce the latest product in our range of world wall maps.

You will be familiar with the large range of World Wall Maps we have available with and without flags in political and physical formats, in a range of sizes. We are regularly get enquiries from people wanting something different from their world wall map. We have taken on the suggestions and come up with a map which we believe will be a best seller.

Our new product in world wall map range, is a texturised map which overs an interactive experience. The new world wall map instead of showing countries in a different shade, actually uses human hair to fill in the different areas on the map. Each country is made using hair from an individual from that country. The hair countries are mounted on a laminated blue background with sea shading. We are considering making a London version of the hair maps focused around the Barnet area.

As these map contains specimens from all over the world, these maps are made to order. If you have any desired colour preferences, please let us know when ordering and we will try to accommodate these needs. Of course we will do our utmost to ensure the hair is responsibly sourced and is hair from the head. We are looking into the option of using facial hair for some of the smaller islands in future products so watch this space. People providing hair samples for these maps will be rewarded for their hair with their choice of a free laminated world wall map from our great range. In some instances where there is no available human hair resources, the hair from willing animal volunteers will be used (they are not entitled to a free map however).

Each map comes with a small comb and dry shampoo in order to keep the map in the best possible condition. We would not recommend displaying the map in rooms with strong odours as this will be picked up by the hair – the kitchen would be definite no-no!

Close up of the World Hair Map of the World – can you recognise the area?

Hair Map

Hair Map Close Up

To place an order or to learn more about the product call our customer service team on 01993 880939.