Maps International is always on the search for unique and innovative map-based products and now we have come up with the best one yet. We believe this map will go down superbly with our customers and will leave them wanting more!


The Munchable Map!!

Are you a travel enthusiast and a food lover? We are sure that this NEW map will satisfy both your wanderlust and your stomach. Maybe you have a friend who loves to travel – this map is the perfect gift for them as you won’t see (or taste!) anything else like it!

The map will be made out of a paper like material with different countries tasting like the different delicacy’s known to them. We are currently developing a whole munchable range which will include maps of specific countries.

Munchable World Map Preview

Munchable World Map Preview

Please note: Due to the nature of this product, if not consumed within 3 weeks from date of purchase, the map may start to disintegrate and as a result, a pungent smell can develop.

Keep an eye out to hear more about the Munchable map – COMING SOON!

UPDATE!!! – How many of you fell for our April Fool’s trick? This product was created for the sole purpose of the April Fool’s blog and will not be available to buy!