We live in a world where the abundance of digital mapping technologies such as Google Maps and GPS systems can make physical maps seem a thing of the past, with information being easily accessible and readily available.

However, despite this, an Ofsted study based on observations of geography classes at 91 primary and 90 secondary schools between 2007 and 2010, found that all but the best students were “spatially naive” and that they were unable to locate countries, key mountain ranges or other features with any degree of confidence.

For example, they understood about development issues in Kenya but had little or no idea of where Kenya was in Africa.


Get creative whilst being educated with maps for kids

With winter fast approaching, kids will be spending more time indoors, away from the wind, rain and cold. Kids love to explore and their imagination often takes them to places we could only dream about. The question is how can this imagination be manifested to promote education?

The answer is simple. All you will need is a laminated map and some dry wipe markers, or get even more creative and use a doodle map for kids.

maps for kids

Let their imagination run wild as the world comes alive. The English Channel may become inhabited by a powerful sea monster armed with a sword and shield, Europe might become a secret base full of ninjas and Turkmenistan could become a fairy tale kingdom ruled by a beautiful princess. Anything is possible.

Whilst the kids are scribbling away, you can put your feet up and relax, knowing they’re safe, entertained and educated. Alternatively, you could join in with the fun yourself! Using maps for kids in this way will help foster creativity, whilst generating invaluable geographical skills.


Glow in the dark map for kids



The fun doesn’t have to stop there! After the sun sets and night descends, why not use a glow in the dark world map for kids to provide some ambient lighting to the kid’s bedroom. So they can see that what they thought was a monster, was in fact their coat hanging on the back of the bedroom door!

Glow In The Dark Map