Have you ever thought what you could buy for a student who has just graduated from college or university? If not, then Maps International are here to show you our top 5 map products that are perfect for graduation gifts!

We will be including products associated with travelling and personalisation, so we can give you the opportunity to never forget about this great achievement.

1. Scratch the World

This product would be a great graduation gift for someone who has decided to have some time off and would like to go and explore! After all the hard work, they will be able to jet off and use their scratch map to show everyone where they have been and where the next adventure may be!

Scratch the world - Graduation Gift

Scratch the world

2. Personalised World Is Art Map

This can be bought for someone who wants the opportunity to reminisce about travels and future trips, but with more of a personalised touch. This map gives you the opportunity to personalise the colour, title and subtitle to give you that stylish look that will suit most room schemes.

Personalised World Is Art Map - Graduation Gift

Personalised World Is Art Map

3. Personalised World Travel Map

If you are looking for a different personalised map, then look no further than this world travel map. This map also lets you enter a title, sub title and choose your map colour. Because of this you will be able to make this unique to the person and their achievements.

Personalised World Travel Map - Graduation Gift

Personalised World Travel Map

4. Personalised Postcode Wall Map

The personalised postcode wall map would be a great gift for a student who would like to remember the university they once attended. You can choose the central location to be any postcode in Great Britain, can enter titles, boarders and choose from a range of colours to give it your own personal touch and make it even more special.

Personalised Postcode Wall Map - Graduation Gift

Personalised Postcode Wall Map

5. Backpacking South East Asia Map Print

It’s becoming popular with graduates to go backpacking across South East Asia after their studies.  Ideal for that adventurous person who is planning to or has already taken a trip to South East Asia. This map loosely depicts the general route a backpacker may take through the area, showing the coordinates of some of the key spots they may visit in order to get the most out of their trip!

Backpacking South East Asia Map Print - Graduation Gift

Backpacking South East Asia Map Print

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