Wedding season is upon us so if you’re attending one soon, it’s time to get your wedding gift sorted out!

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We’re almost in May, (gosh, has 2019 flown by!) which is typically the season when most people in the UK tie the knot. Planning wedding gifts fall into two categories; the ones that are well defined via a wedding registry, and the ones that are not. Of course, there’s always cash, but that’s not what this post is about. No, this is for all those of you that wrack your brains trying to figure out how to gift the happy couple something memorable and one that will stand proud on a gift table with everyone else’s. No more glass or crockery sets, then!

Have you considered how a map can make a stunning wedding gift? Whether or not the couple are into travel or geography, we have a lovely set of map gifts that would really make their wedding day extra special, and  some of them are really great for the home as well.

For the new home makers

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Perhaps the couple have sorted out a new home to move into just after the wedding, and haven’t quite figured out the kind of decor style they’re going for. There’s nothing like moving into a new home and feeling a little bit overwhelmed with what should go on a living room or bedroom wall. Our Art World Map range is perfect for this.

Gift them a Personalised World Is Art map, and they’ll have plenty of rooms they could furnish with it! Pick a colour that would go with their walls, or if you don’t know what it looks like, you could always go with something neutral which works in every type of room mood or style.

For the Globe Trotters

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A couple that travels together, and doesn’t quite stay put in one place might seem tough to shop for, especially if you’re the kind of person that assumes marriages ‘tie you down’ or make you ‘settle into a lifestyle’. More and more couples go on adventures though, and if your wedding couple are of this ilk, our Collect and Scratch range of maps is perfect! We’ve got an amazing set of maps for those who love travelling in the UK, in Europe, the Alps and anywhere else in the world as well! From walking, hiking or drinking in Scottish distilleries, whatever their hobby, there’s a stunning map they can take with them and scratch off their experiences. They’ll thank you for remembering their favourite hobbies!

For more Nostaligic nuptials

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Raise your hand if you know a bride-to-be that is obsessed with jotting down the most memorable dates and locations that mean the most to them. It goes without saying that they’d want something more memorable than a photo hashtag to remember their wedding day. Why not gift them a Personalised Postcode Map Print with a lovely message to both of them? Just pick the postcode of the wedding venue, add some heartfelt messages to both, and frame it in a beautiful wood frame, and they will absolutely love it!

For the Wedding Planners

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Of course the best map wedding gift is a map that makes it to the wedding! Ask any wedding planner or couple planning a wedding what makes them the most nervous about the day. Chances are the seating plan or table plan will be right up there as a factor! We’ve got just the solution for them. Our Antique World Map Wedding Table Plan will help direct guests to their right seats, and is absolutely perfect for a well-travelled couple or someone looking for a travel theme. We also print a Classic World Map Table Plan and can do Table Name Cards for each individual table as well! We have a range of wedding stationary to choose from.


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