Add a splash of bright colours to your walls!

Winter is not exactly the most colourful season, certainly not compared to a warm autumn. Everywhere you look, it’s either the grim grey skies or monotone colour schemes in every interiors magazine that keep reminding you of how cold it is out there. A pox on this way of thinking!

Why not add a bit more colour to your walls instead?


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Our latest map is for all of you vibrant lovely people, that defy the norms of interior decor, and love to paint outside the lines. We’re so proud to introduce the all new Scratch the World® Watercolour Edition map print!

Scratch the World Watercolour Edition main

Why we’ve made this map

This latest edition of our concept map is a vibrant departure from anything we’ve done before on a scratch print. Everyone has a personal travel story that they’d love to reminisce about. Perhaps it was your first time travelling outside of your comfort zone? Maybe it was that unforgettable holiday five years ago, when you strapped on a bungee cord to your ankles for the very first time in New Zealand.

Or of course if you know someone who loves to travel or someone that desperately needs to throw caution to the wind and explore, this is a brilliant gift to help motivate them to go out and see the world!

Scratch the World Watercolour Edition detail image

Why it works

When you begin scratching any neighbouring countries on this map, you’ll notice a vibrant watercolour effect, that bleeds across borders. As you scratch off each location you’ve been, you’ll begin to notice the stunning differences in shades. Take a couple of steps back and you’ll see a stunning pattern emerge underneath the scratch foil, as a watercolour effect.

We could of course have had every country in a shade of its own, but then we realised that no travel experience is as linear as that.

When you visit a place you’ve never been to before, you’re never going to have a singular opinion of it. This world is a blend of cultures, of different moods and emotions and we each react to it in a different way. Each part of it colours us in a unique way.


Scratch the World Watercolour Edition detail 2

Of course every inch of this stunning map gets that special Maps International touch of quality to it, that you would expect of any map we sell. The highest quality cartography, with up-to-date borders, city and country names, and a stunning level of detail that includes hill and sea shading. For instance, if you’ve been to the Rocky Mountains, you’ll love how the terrain looks under the scratch foil.  We’ve also coloured the oceans a stunning light blue to really help set a focal point on your wall.

Scratch the World Watercolour Edition main black frame

What really makes it pop, and something that you’ll really thank us for is getting a wooden black frame to go with it! When we frame this map, we’ll even mount it on a lovely foam board first, so you can add your own personal tags or messages with pushpins, post-its or any other wonderful props to the wall.

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