Are you looking for something she’ll cherish forever? Consider a map gift!

If you’re seeking a little bit of inspiration for a gift for the ladies in your life, we’ve got an absolutely smashing set of maps for them. From activity and scratch prints to a more personalised touch with maps in several finishes, you’re sure to find something she’ll love. Most of the maps you see here will be available in alternate sizes and finishes, so do take your time with them!

Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries with black frame

Give her some gin-spiration this Christmas! Whenever she samples a new blend of her favourite tipple, she can scratch it off this amazing map! We have 75 distilleries she can visit, so there’s plenty of time to try them all! Each of them are marked with a gin glass on the map. Available with frames and personalisation.

Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries

Scratch Off Europe

The next time you’re off on a jolly to Europe with her, keep a note of all the fantastic locations, cuisines and people you meet. When you’re back, she can tick them off her bucket list. we’ve even included a handy list of European capitals, and specific attractions for you, depending on what time of year you’re travelling.

Classic World Map on Canvas

Easily our most popular canvas map, our classic range has a contemporary look, and she will absolutely love to display these colours on her wall for all to see.

Classic World Map Canvas

Antique World Map on Wooden Hanging Bars

For a truly delightful and long-lasting touch, consider our wooden hanging bars for an Antique World Map. It’s muted tones and style of font will go with most modern colours and room moods.

Antique World Map on Wooden Hanging Bars

Political World Map on Canvas

Consider a canvas map when you really want to make a statement. A Political World Map on a canvas is a wonderful that gives her an idea of just how much she means to you. We can also personalise a message on these canvas maps, for an extra price.

Personalised Classic World Map

Get a personalised message on our classic world map range, if you want to give her something to reminisce your travel adventures together. If you get the map laminated, you can even write on it and wipe off with any proprietary cleaner. Or perhaps finish this map with a pin board and she will thoroughly enjoy decorating it with some colourful push pins!

Personalised Classic World Map

Personalised UK Postcode Map

Was it the first house you bought together? The plae where you had your first date? Or Mum’s favourite restaurant, perhaps? Just pick a special place in the UK, centre it on a map with its postcode and think of a lovely message for her. The Personalised UK Postcode Map is definitely one to consider this Christmas!

personalised uk postcode map image

Personalised Location Hearts Map

For a more worldly outlook on a Personalised UK Location Map, the Location Hearts Map is for all you love-struck blokes that want to make a statement about what where you and your SO found each other. Or it could be where you’re from in the world. Don’t forget to mention your names at the bottom!

Abstract World Map with Contours Colouring Map

Our abstract colouring Maps are perfect for those moments when you need a little bit of solitude, or want to flex some creativity. Let your mind and your hands wander all over these colouring maps, and see if you can create something amazing!

Abstract Contour Colouring Map

Intricate World Map with Circles Colouring Map

Barcelona City Street Map

Whether she’s reminiscing the last hen do she had with her mates in the summer, or has a distinct connection to the city of Barcelona, these City Street Map prints are a perfect choice for a living room. We’ve also got some stunning versions of these for New York, London, and Paris, in several lovely shades, if turquoise is not her first choice!

Personalised Travel Map of the World- Teal

There are so many wonderful places you’ve experienced together, and so many more yet to be discovered! Why not cherish the moments with a Personalised Travel Map? Unlike the personalised world maps that are cartographically accurate, these are available as a single colour, and you can personalise a lovely message at the bottom as well!

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