A house is only truly made a home when your space is personal to you.  We can spend money on designer products and furnish our houses with items that you are just as likely to find on display in any of your friends’ abodes or in a generic show home, but if you personalise your property it will always feel like a home, not a hotel.

Elegant location map wallpaper for the home

Elegant location map wallpaper for the home

Location map wallpaper for the home is a brilliant way to decorate that will be totally exclusive to you. You choose the centre location by postcode; this could be your home, a relative’s home or maybe just a special location such as where your children went to school. We can centre the map on any postcode in mainland Great Britain.

Different styles & scales of mapping can be used for location map wallpaper. Ordnance Survey datasets such as Explorer or Landranger give a florid & comprehensive detail and are particularly good for showing physical land features and information such as footpaths.

Ordnance Survey wallpaper map of lake Windemere

Ordnance Survey wallpaper map of lake Windemere

You could also opt for a Street mapping style such as A-Z or Map Vu 1:10,000 if you want to cover a smaller geographical area on your map wallpaper. A-Z is striking and bold with meticulous accuracy whereas Map Vu 1:10,000 can be enlarged to great degrees without pixelating and losing quality.

To further make your wallpaper harmonise with your home you can change the colour tones of your map by adding a colour wash, greyscaling, fading the map or utilising an antique effect. With Map Vu 1:10,000 street mapping, the data is held in vector format so every feature on the map can be completely recoloured to suit you.

There are location map wallpaper finish options to suit every circumstance;

· Pre pasted – 165gsm weight, smooth matt finish. This option is very economical and because it is pre-pasted the adhesive is already on the back of the paper and just requires water to activate it. Therefore no wallpaper paste is required to be purchased.

· Classic – 300gsm weight, textured matt finish. This is vinyl coated with a paper back and is durable & wipeable.

· Smooth – 410gsm, smooth with a slight sheen. This is vinyl coated with a fabric back and is durable & wipeable.

· Crystal – 510gsm, textured & semi–matt. This is laminated, has a fabric back and is both durable & scrubbable.

· Hi Gloss laminate – Can be added to wallpaper to allow the use of special dry erase markers.

· Magnetic underliner – used in tandem with the Crystal finish to give the wallpaper a magnetic property.

Wallpaper (unlike paint) has the further benefit of helping to disguise dirt and smudges by the features on the mapping. The wallpaper can also conceal imperfections in the plaster.

So whether you want your space to be a thrilling window to your surroundings or whether it just needs to lend it a sympathetic ear, adorning your home with a location map means that nobody can be in any doubt as to whose home it really is.

Bespoke Mapping Wallpaper
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