Scratch Off European City Breaks Map Print

If you’re the type of person that typically travels a lot, whether on holiday or for work, these last few months cannot have been easy for you. It really does take getting cooped up indoors for months on end, to really appreciate how many amazing experiences we could have had, even with a short weekend away in Europe. Whether we fancied sinking our teeth into an exotic cake from a parlour in Dublin or a perfume making workshop in Paris, we all missed out on a lot of exciting experiences.

Thankfully, things are definitely looking a bit more positive now, with most European countries relaxing rules on self-quarantines for travellers. So we thought we would do our very best in sparking some joy in the inner traveller in you! Our Scratch Off European City Breaks prints are your very best travel companions for any journeys you want to take from this point on.

What’s on the European City Breaks Map Print?

This exciting new number displays 75 unique and brilliant European cities that you can travel to, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway to some place exotic, or a longer stay somewhere more familiar. It’s the perfect european map gift for someone on the go.

Explore all that Europe has to offer, by visiting each of these cities and scratching them off your map. We’ve even got some unique suggestions for more popular cities that can be included in any kind of trip. Make your special European travel plans or gift this scratch print to someone you know that loves to travel to Europe. And now that most European countries are beginning to open up, it’s the best time to make plans like these!

The choice of European travel destination is completely up to you, but we’ve taken some special care to include a few cities that aren’t necessarily tourist hot zones, but are equally lovely to visit. And some choice suggestions of activities for when you get there!

We’ve even got a lovely little tally at the bottom left of the map, so you can keep count of the number of cities you will visit. As you scratch each of them off, try and think about the wonderful experiences you had there.


Scratch Off European City Breaks in White Frame personalised

We weren’t kidding when we said that this map would make an excellent gift. The personalised text on the Scratch Off European City Breaks Prints makes the map all the more special. Personalise a message for someone special when buying the map, and they’ll really appreciate it.

The paper version of this map is presented in UK A3 size with a silky smooth finish, that feels amazing, is sturdy to place on a wall, and looks absolutely stunning as a photo finish. We also provide you with framed options, with a special touch! Every City Breaks map in a frame is first pinboarded so you can have a sturdy, crease free experience while scratching off the map. We don’t put the map in a perspex glazing, as we’re sure (or rather, we hope!) you will be taking it down often enough, when you’re back from your city breaks!

So if you’re beginning to think about where you want to go, or just picking our European travel destinations, the Scratch Off European City Breaks Print will be very helpful!

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