Scratch Off Peak District Rock Climbs

This may come as a surprise to you, but rock climbing has quickly become one of the most popular adrenaline-fueled activities people are taking up. With hundreds of indoor and outdoor climbing clubs opening doors across the UK, it’s safe to suggest a rock climb isn’t going to be a niche sport for much longer! As map makers, that naturally made us think about how we can contribute to this attitude, and suggest the very best places to climb in the UK.

What’s on the Peak District Rock Climbs prints?

Our Scratch Off Peak District Rock Climbs print is a perfect gift for rock climbers to discover their next big challenge or to experience a different part of the Peak District. You may be scaling your first crag or your 50th, or you know someone who does so on a regular basis. This map would make a great rock climbing gift and is a great way to display achievements.


This stunning number details 239 exciting and challenging crags all across the UK’s Peak District. Use the handy information displayed on this scratch off map to plan it all out. Each crag shows the approximate number of routes, face direction, the type of rock, whether there are any bolted routes and whether there may be any restrictions to be aware of. The map even displays a little diagram for every crag, to give you an idea of the spread of the routes according to difficulty.

You could use this information to plan your own personal climbing journey, set challenges and scale them, or even decide whether or not a rock climbing trip you make to the Peak District should be solo or with a climbing group or climbing club!

Scratch off Peak District Rock CLimbs detail image

Size and Finish

Available in a handy UK A2 size (42cm x 59 cm) the Scratch Off Peak District Rock Climbs map is handy to roll up and take along with you. Or you can choose to display it in your home, for some serious bragging rights, the next time any climbing peers come home to visit!

What really makes it pop though, and something that you’ll really thank us for is getting a wood frame to go with it. When you frame this map, we’ll even mount it on a lovely foam board first, so you can add your own personal push pins or messages, post-its with photographs of your favourite climbs or any other wonderful props.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge in this post-lockdown new ‘normal’ we’re all adjusting to, a solitary climb in the Peak Districts is just what you need!

The Scratch off Peak District Rock Climbs print is now available on Maps International!