How a restaurant has tracked their global customers with our Large World Map

by Alice Carter on January 12th, 2017

Phil’s Fish Market in the USA has used our very own World Political Wall Map to pinpoint where their customers are visiting from. The results of this are truly incredible!

This map is the fifth version in the restaurant’s 13 year history.

Considering the town of Moss Landing has a population of 204 (as of the 2010 census data), makes the results even more impressive! With patrons encouraged at the entrance of the restaurant to mark on their hometown using the pins from a large bowl, it’s only a matter of time before there will be a sixth version of this map!

Why not try this idea at home with our Large World Political Wall Map? You could mark on where friends and family are in the world or places which you have visited over the years. You could even use each coloured pin to represent different categories i.e. ‘place’s we’ve been’, ‘place’s we would like to go,’ & ‘where family and friends are based!’ See if you can rival how many pins Phil’s Fish Market has managed to fit on our world map!

Where would you put your pin?

Where would you put your pin? - (Image: DonkeyLightning)

Spot Europe under the map pins!

Spot Europe under the map pins! - (Image: DonkeyLightning)

The USA taken over by map pins!

The USA taken over by map pins! - (Image: DonkeyLightning)