If you’ve already decided to pick up a laminated world map, may we first congratulate you on the fine choice you’ve made! Every map that leaves our premises is double checked for quality control, regardless of what finish it may be. However, a laminated map of the world or the British Isles even, will ensure you will get the absolute best value for your money and will help protect the map for years to come.
Now that you’ve brought your laminated world map home though, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it, to make it more interesting. Well, with our Write on, Wipe Off Effect, the good news is there isn’t necessarily one answer!

What is the Write on Wipe Off Effect?

As the name suggests, when you purchase a laminated map of the world, or indeed any laminated map from us, the encapsulation process we use, is thick enough to allow you to write anything you want on the map temporarily. As long as you use a ‘dry wipe marker’ anything you write on can be easily wiped off with a proprietary cleaner!

As you can expect, this leaves you with several possibilities for writing on a laminated world map!

Holiday Destination Planning

Remember all those lovely scraps and notes we used to make as kids in diaries and notebooks, about all the wonderful places we’d explore? There’s no reason you couldn’t convert a lovely laminated world map into a similar destination planner with a marker pen. You can spend hours colour-coding the best places to visit, with your own invented formula.

Laminated World Map Political Image

For instance, marking off Paris for romantic getaway in red, a summer excursion to Spain can be yellow, and that city break in Dublin can be green because, well, Ireland! We’d highly recommend our large World Wall Map Political Laminated for this.

Driving Route Planning

Of course if you’re seeking a holiday or a road trip closer to home, you wouldn’t need a laminated map of the world, clearly. Our Large British Isles Routeplanning Map is just perfect for these occasions. With all major road connections, transport networks, airport links well marked on this map, all you have to do is find the route that’s most comfortable to you. You could mark off the quickest, but you could also try and see which one might be longer, albeit more scenic!

Laminated World Map Blog - image of British Isles routeplanning map

For some more fun, why not document your road trip as you hit specific waypoints along the way? We’re sure you’ve got plenty of stories you’ll want to remember between service stations, whether it’s something beautiful you spotted along the way, or an attraction you’re looking forward to on the road ahead.

Planning your Work from Home

Even if you’re stuck indoors for the foreseeable future (like we all are) a map with front sheet lamination will definitely come in handy. Think about all those sales figures or monthly projections you want to keep track off, and without access to that trusty white board at work. Just write all over this map.

Laminated World Map blog - Executive World Map Laminated

Our Large British Isles Sales and Marketing Map (Laminated) is a fine choice for UK based entrepreneurs and businesses, but you can also extend this to the rest of the world with a laminated world map! We would highly recommend our Large Executive World Map Political (Laminated), as it has a subtle colour scheme that’s perfect for a work from home space.

Did you know this laminated world map is also available in board mounted frames as well? So you can write on it and even push some colourful pins in as well!

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