World Whisky Day is typically celebrated around the world, with fans of the spirit enjoying drams in festivals, pubs and tasting venues as well. This year though, we’ve clearly got our work cut out, if we’re going to plan a good time. Even if things do seem to be a easing a bit with this infernal lockdown, it would appear that we’re probably facing the prospect of staying indoors and continuing social distancing for a little bit longer.

Chin up, though! Even if you’re stuck indoors, we’ve got some ideas on how you can enjoy a drink over this weekend.

Change the rules with your tastings

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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented rules, and anyone who likes whisky shouldn’t be averse to trying something new. It can be something subtle like changing up how you drink. If you’re used to having a single malt on the rocks, why not pick a blended sample of a whisky you haven’t tasted before and add a mixer to it? If you’re used to the Highlands, pick up a bottle from a distillery in Speyside or Islay to add a bit of change to your palette. Of course if you’re really adventurous, you may even try a whisky cocktail. The point of this is to be a little different for a day.

The only real rule of course, is to drink responsibly!

A musical playlist of all things whisky

You might not be able to completely recreate a whisky festival in your home, but you can get jolly close to one with the right music, as you sip your favourite Scotch or bourbon! Put personal musical tastes aside for a second, and put together a playlist of some of the most wonderful songs written about whisky or mentioning it in some way.We’ve got a few suggestions below.

If you’re drinking with others in the same household you probably want to go with some AC DC’s ‘Whisky on the Rocks‘. Here’s a sample!

Or if you’re inclined to tolerate James Hetfield’s voice in 2020 (we’re not biased at all, are we!), there’s always Metallica’s 1999 ‘Whisky in a Jar’. If you’re likely to spend the day by yourself, there’s nothing like Blues or country western for company, and Chris Stapleton’s cover of Tennessee Whiskey will have you floored. And it makes a lovely song to dance to as well.


A whisky sample from your favourite distilleries

It will be some time before you can visit a Scotch Whisky Distillery perhaps, but that doesn’t mean you couldnt bring a sample home from the supermarket if you can find it, or if you’re lucky get an online order of your favourite drams. Pick up a Scratch Off Scotland Whisky Distilleries map print and scratch off all the drams you’ve already tried. If you’ve got more people playing at home, you could make an exciting game of seeing who’s sampled the most. That’s a whisky challenge that’s certainly worth a shot.

World Whisky Day Image 1

Oh, and we’re having our own fun with World Whisky Day as well! We’re giving away one of those lovely scratch prints free on a competition we’re running all day on the 16th of May, on our Instagram channel so stay tuned for that tomorrow.

Give us a follow and tell us what your favourite single malt is, to stand a chance to win this map absolutely free! Open to UK Residents over the age of 18 only!