This week marks national grandparent’s day (3rd October). This day was created by Marian McQuade, whose motivation was to champion the cause of lonely elderly in nursing homes. She hoped she could influence grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and advice their grandparents could provide. It is celebrated in September in the US but is celebrated in early October in the UK.

Aim of national grandparent’s day:

Honour grandparents

Give grandparents opportunity to show their grandchildren love

To help children realise the importance of the strength, guidance and information that their grandparents have to offer

Why don’t you show your grandparents that you’re thinking about them by buying them a personalised world map and pinning family photos on it to places where you may have been on holiday together.

Best Grandad in the world map

Best Grandad in the world map

This unique gift will show thought and love for your grandparents and won’t easily be forgotten as it takes pride of place on the wall.