Are you trying to keep the kids entertained with something interesting or just trying to explain Geography is an exciting way? If so, then look no further than our range of doodle maps.

These maps are the perfect way to teach children about the world in a fun way. They are aimed at younger children with clear and easy to read fonts. Continents, countries and rivers are clearly shown. Once finished, the maps would be great to put in children’s bedrooms, playrooms or even in classrooms.

Doodle World Map With Crayons

Doodle world Map for Children image

This map is perfect to teach children about the world we live in. You also have the ability to create a fun activity every time you would like to tie in some teaching. Located at the bottom of the map are flags of all the different countries. From this you can set fun activities to try and match the countries with their flags.

Doodle UK Map With Crayons

Doodle UK Map With Crayons

This map is great for children who are trying to learn a little more about the UK. You can visibly see all cities, counties and rivers. This gives children a great opportunity to learn about the country they live in, and at the same time have a activity which will create fun for hours and hours.

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