We live in a constantly changing world, and with Maps International, you can be confident that our world maps for sale are as up-to-date as possible.

Here are just a few examples of recent changes to the world which you might not have noticed:

  • Late 2019: Kazakhstan changed its capital city, moving it from Astana to Nur Sultan
  • 2019: Macedonia officially renamed itself North Macedonia
  • 2018: King Mswati III changed the name of his country, Swaziland, to Eswatini

Another example of a change on the horizon is in Indonesia, which is in the process of moving its capital city. Its current capital, Jakarta, is sinking. So when it officially changes to East Kalimantan, we’ll update our world maps to incorporate the change.

Classic World Map Canvas

Our Classic World Map on a Canvas finish

Our team of specialist cartographers and expert designers work together to make sure that all our world maps are spot on – in terms of both function and artistic beauty. That’s why the world wall maps for sale on our website are chosen, time and time again, as gifts and by geography lovers, travellers and businesses.

To stay on top of any changes, our team is in regular contact with official sources and is alerted to geographical changes. We act quickly to see which of our maps are affected, and then set to work on altering them and releasing a new version.


Close up view of Australia from our Classic World Map

So whether you’re looking to dress up your home or brush up on your geography knowledge with one of our fabulous world maps, you’ve come to the right place.

You can see the full range of world wall maps for sale here.