As a mapping company, we’re always looking to make new and exciting maps that can be enjoyed by every member of your family. We realise everyone has got different likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests and shopping around for them at Christmas can especially be a daunting prospect.

That being said, we’re so delighted to introduce three delightful maps for kids as part of our Collect and Scratch range of activity map gifts!

1. Scratch Off Animals of the World Map Print

About this map

Thoughtful, fun, educational and oh, so colourful! The Scratch Off Animals Map of the World Print is the perfect gift for kids that love to be in nature, and can’t help observing the world around them!

Whether it’s a flamingo at the zoo, a rhino on safari or a beautiful bee in your back garden, kids are always inquisitive. Help them learn about the environment and geography at the same time.

Scratch off Animals Image

Map details

There are 50 exciting illustrations to scratch off this map, spread out across the world. From Canadian otters to Amazonian piranhas, or Pygmy goats native to Cameroon, even a single trip to the zoo will ensure your children can scratch off several of them! They can also take note of where they spotted them, and add it to the dotted lines presented at the bottom of the map. If your kids are particularly competitive, you can even make this a contest with their friends to see who gets to complete the colourful map first!

2. Scratch off Kids World Movie Locations Print

Scratch Off Kids Movies main image

About this map

As the holidays approach, we can think of nothing more relaxing than kicking back on the couch and enjoying a kid’s movie with the whole family. With the Scratch off Kids World Movie Locations Print, this activity can also be educational! Take your kids on an adventure through the silver screen (and through the silver scratch foil!) as they scratch off their favourite films one by one.

This map is perfect for children of several ages. You can discover for the first time with them (and rediscover for yourself!) such classics as Harry Potter, the Lion King, and Home Alone. They may have already seen it before, in which case ask them what they think of the film, and scratch off a rating with the 5 stars provided.

Scratch off Kids Movies image 2

Map details

We have some stunning colours and illustrations for each of the 50 movies present on this map.When you’ve finished watching one with your kids, find it on the map, and you can explore some facts online about it together. For instance, did you know that the movie Babe was filmed in New South Wales, Australia and took 7 years of development? See if you can both explore facts about New South Wales and learn something new. This map can therefore be a window into a whole new appreciation of both geography and cinema!

3. Scratch Off European Football Grounds Map Print

About this map

Following on from the roaring success that was our 92 Football Grounds Print, we thought we should take this series to the next level and into European Championship! The Scratch Off European Football Grounds Print  is the perfect gift for football lovers and displays 75 football clubs across Europe.

Scratch off European Football grounds detailed image

Map Details

Follow your team as they play in these locations, and scratch them off the map. If you’re lucky enough to have visited any of these stadiums in the past, either as a home or away supporter, you will absolutely love this map! Each stadium is located by a football icon and you can scratch off the club name and the most recent kit colours (updated for the 2019-20) season.

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