As a shopper during Christmas season, keeping everyone’s different likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests and general mood in front of mind can be a challenge on the best of days. Throw into that mess a global pandemic, limited time and opportunity inside shops, social distancing and possibly reduced post collection, and we’re looking at a very different season of shopping this year aren’t we…

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That doesn’t stop our resolve as mappers and cartographers though. We’ve been tirelessly working (as elves, you might say!) to ensure that Christmas this year can still be fun, whether you’re isolating away from your family or forming bubbles in safety. We’ve all got to put our best foot forwards, one step at a time, and we’ll get through this long winter together.

With that in mind, we’re sure you’re going to absolutely love these two new numbers to add to our Collect and Scratch collection of map gifts this Christmas!

Scratch Off British National Parks & Outdoors Print

Collect and Scratch Great British Outdoors print

Whether you’re on your own, or with others (do check the rules in your location!) you can now celebrate and explore all that the UK has to offer of its Great Outdoors with the Scratch Off British National Parks & Outdoors Print. This map is a perfect gift for anyone who loves exploring, seeking an escape from city life, or just generally in the mood to get back in touch with nature.

You have 15 delightful National Parks, 54 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and 40 of Scotland’s National Scenic Areas to choose from. We’ve even included information on where to find the UK’s National Nature Reserves, just look out for the small ducks all over the map! You can even personalise this map with a message at the bottom, making it an amazing outdoor gift for nature lovers and explorers.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some nature lovers have been saying already about this great new map!

Oh, and if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous and perhaps a little more solitary than a jaunt through a National Park, you won’t believe what else we’ve recently dropped!

Scratch Off Scottish Island Bagging Print

Collect and Scratch Scottish Island Bagging Print

Perhaps you’re in the mood to experience all that Scotland has to offer, but are tired of the city life? With its wild and natural beauty, our Scratch Off Scottish Island Bagging Print is the perfect map for you. This incredible one of its kind scratch print displays 170 unique islands around the coast of Scotland. From the more popular ones like Skye, Lewis or Bute, to the corners of the Shetlands, each island will give visitors a unique experience. We’ve even included important landmarks such as ferry crossings, bridges and airport links to help island baggers plan their trip.

Display it in your home for bragging rights or gift it to someone who loves to travel. Like the map above, you can even personalise the Scratch Off Scottish Island Bagging Print with a message at the bottom of the map.

We’ve always wanted to (and have been requested by our Scottish customers to!) add to our collection of Scottish scratch prints, to go with our Scotch Whisky Map and our Munro Bagging Prints, and now we have!

Both of these amazing prints are available from just £13 and can be personalised, so don’t be deterred from adding them to you Christmas map gift plans this year!

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