There are less than three weeks to go to Christmas! If you haven’t finished your shopping yet, you may want to get a move on before everything nice is gone. Of course if you’re an online purveyor of of delightful world wall maps as we are, you can be sure that won’t be a problem!

Check out some of these absolute corkers that would make really great stocking fillers this Christmas. Every print version of one of of these maps will be available under £35, and there’s enough variety here for every member of your family. We’ve also got free delivery on several of them, which is an added savings for you!

Scratch Off Whisky Distilleries Prints – from £13

Scotch Whisky Distilleries map image

Your Dad will absolutely love a print of our Scratch Off Scotland Whisky Distilleries print, that details our selection of Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distilleries in Scotland. There are 65 amazing whiskies to sample here, from every region, from Speyside to Islay, the Highlands and Campbeltown. Available with framed options as well!

Illustrated London Map – from £20

This fabulous illustrated map of London covers all the central areas of the capital, showing major rivers, roads and details all the sights and landmarks you may be familiar with! Every district is expertly hand drawn, and you can even get a lovely white or black wood frame for under £40!

World Illustrated Sticker Map – from £17

A fun way to get your kids to love and appreciate the world around them, is to introduce it to them in a fun and educational way. The World Illustrated Sticker Map is a wonderful pack that contains over 100 lovely stickers of beautifully illustrated animals and famous landmarks from around the world. Prints of this absolute corker are available under £20.

Scratch the World® – Watercolour Edition – from £20

Scratch the World Watercolour edition image

Of course if you’re bitten by the travel bug yourself, or have a ‘wanderluster’ in your home, the Scratch the World® – Watercolour Edition Map will be a lovely Christmas present! Everyone’s travel journey around the world is unique, and you can personalise your own journey, as you scratch off all the places you’ve been and all the places you’ll go as well. The map features up-to-date cities on the top layer and the world map underneath the scratch foil, allowing for more detailed scratching.

Stars and Constellations Glow in the Dark Map – from £20

Stars and Constellations map image

Do you have a seasoned stargazer or night sky enthusiast in your home? Or perhaps you’re into astronomy yourself. The Stars and Constellations map poster includes detailed constellations and illustrations of planets in our solar system, satellites, lunar positions, eclipses, meteors and comets. But what brings this map to life is a subtle yet bright glow in the dark ink that charges with light during the day, and glows for approximately 12 hours at night. So you don’t need to worry about light-polluted nights to appreciate the stars. Just do it from the comfort of your home!

Scratch the World® Travel Edition Map Print – from £13

Scratch the World Travel edition map image

The Scratch the World Travel Edition map print is a really convenient map at UK A3 size, so you can very easily pack it and take with you on your travels. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer looking for an adventure in South America, or seeking a city break in Europe, this map will help you chart your journey, and appreciate all the diverse experiences you’ll have! Personalised prints are also available, for under £20!

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