One of the common queries our staff deal with most often from canvas world map customers, is helping them understand how they (canvas maps) can best fit their homes.

Of course, if you already have a single space on your wall that you’re looking to fill and you have a somewhat clear idea of what you want, this wouldn’t necessarily apply to you. However, if you’re looking to add a bit of ‘oomph’ to all your walls, pay close attention.

Let’s begin by first understanding some principles about how our canvasses are prepped. We wrap a map canvas around a quality wooden frame to stretch the material to perfection. Or if you prefer a canvas map without a frame, we can print the map detail onto canvas and deliver rolled it in a tube. Whichever finish you opt for, a canvas is a sturdy piece of art that’s easy to hang, and can really make a wall look rather elegant. It’s important to note that every room in your home has a distinct identity, though. We tend to spend more time in certain places than others, and we have particular moods in each place. An evocative canvas map of the world in a living room for instance, might not trigger the same degree of joy hung anywhere else. So how does one choose the right fit for the right room? Or indeed, the right size of map.

One starting point could be to try and answer these three questions, at point of purchase.

Who is the Map for?

Are you looking for a map for yourself, or is this going to go be a collective piece to enjoy for a family or for guests that visit? Maps with a more personal touch, or with a personalised message may well belong in a bedroom of an individual rather than a living room. Conversely, the same map of the world canvas in a larger size and non-personalised could act as a focal point for a family’s travels, and would be perfect in a living room. It would also be an excellent conversation starter for any guests.

Canvas World Map - Classic World Map Canvas

A Personalised Classic World Map on canvas would be a great shout for a bedroom, while you could use the same base mapping for a Large Classic World Map Canvas without any messaging for a living room.

Is it educational or an expression of artistic taste?

We all have our favourite colours, tastes and we won’t even go into how each of our homes are uniquely different in terms of space and furniture. But you have to ask yourself whether the map is going to be used as a reference point of specific locations, i.e. a more functional use, or whether you’re choosing it to stand out as a piece of art. Functional reference mapping like our Political World Map would look spectacular in a home office or work from home space.

Canvas World Map Political World Map on Canvas

The same map with all of its level of detail and updated cities and countries can be a more subtle addition to a dining room as well. It would go wonderfully well adjacent to a dining table and chairs. Just make sure it’s in a well-lit area, as below.

Canvas World Map - dining room

Will it share space with other prints or art?

If you’re opting for a large world map canvas, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re trying to save space to either create a gallery wall of smaller prints, you’ll want to really plan the layout perfectly. Most of our canvas maps are horizontal so if you’re surrounding them with other prints, what we would suggest is to  have the map as a centrepiece with smaller portrait or square frames or canvas art surrounding it. If you’re surrounding it with photographs, they can almost tell a story, especially if they’re based on travel and holidays!

Colours are an important factor too, from the colour of your wall of choice, to the general tone of other prints that will surround the map. You can either pick a contrasting darker coloured map or match directly the hue of other prints and photographs. Smaller sized versions of our  World is Art Collection will definitely work well here!

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