Whether you’re travelling by yourself or have an entire family in tow, chances are you want to blow off some steam and relax on the bank holiday weekend.

We’ve put together a splendid collection of wild, weird and wicked ideas to pursue on the Bank Holiday weekend. And the maps to take with you!

Go on a Bike ride


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Nothing quite beats challenging yourself to a hill climb on a long weekend. When you’re on a suitable riding terrain, time can certainly fly, and Wales has got several exciting climbs that you can explore at your leisure. The routes vary dramatically as do the ascents from different parts of the country. If the weather stays true, you’ll be able to scratch off quite a few bike climbs over the Bank holiday weekend.

Our personal recommendation is the Devil’s Staircase in Powys in Wales, but there are several routes across the UK countryside that you can choose from, depending on your skill levels with cycle climbs. Our Scratch Off UK Cycle Climbs can help reinforce your choice. It has graded colours to help you understand elevation and difficulty levels for each route.

Strap your feet and go Wakeboarding


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Wakeboarding is more than an adrenaline fueled thrill, it’s actually quite a workout and can be a sociable activity as well. Unlike it’s snowy cousin snowboarding, you’re able to gain higher speeds on a wakeboard (up to 20mph generally) as you skim the surface of the water. There’s a lot to keep in mind to attempt it safely, whether you’re being pulled by a cable tow or boat. But whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert at wakeboarding, it won’t be long before you’ll be attempting tricks and flips.

If you’re looking for a fun recreational activity that the entire family can enjoy, consider wakeboarding on the bank holiday weekend and make some waves!

Try your arm at Axe Throwing


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It’s easy to dismiss axe throwing as the lastest hipster craze along with artisan coffee blends and designer beards, and assume that might a session might end in a horrifying head wound. It is however,  kind of fun for a Bank Holiday activity!

Firstly, despite it seeming personally therapeutic, it’s best enjoyed as a group activity. Whether it’s a stag or hen do, a bit of office competition on a summer away day, or something you want to try with your family, axe throwing is something that will get everyone excited. Secondly, there’s actually some skill involved here that has less to do with strength and more to do with how many spins you can get through the air and the position of your arms as you throw the axe. So if you have something to vent about, this is perfect for the bank holiday! Just don’t do drinking before, that’s a strict no-no!

Bag a Munro Hill


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If you’re more of a rambler or hill walker, take a trip to Scotland over this Bank holiday weekend, the Munros are where you need to be. They are named after Henry Munro, the first who produced the first list of Scottish mountains with a height greater than 3000ft (914m) in 1891, and were initially called Munro ‘tables’.

There are 282 to choose from, for a lovely walk on a bank holiday, so get your shoes on!

Visit a Gin distillery


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When all else fails, you’ve always got Gin o’Clock! Whether you’re a fan of the latest wave of flavoured gins, or a beginner that’s just learnt to mix their first G&T, a tasting session at a gin distillery is where you need to go this weekend.

If this is your tipple, you’ll thoroughly appreciate the finer aspects of drinking gin you might have otherwise took for granted, such as the shape of your glass. For instance, wine-like tulip shaped glasses are best for tasting and nosing (that’s smelling, for the non-aficionados reading this!) as they help in releasing ingredients and identifying flavours and aromas.

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